Whenever you buy a printer, you should also prepare for certain situations. The most irritating of all these situations is one where you run out of ink the moment you need it the most. However, this is an outdated concept now. The HP Instant Ink cartridges plan has changed the rules of the game.
The idea:
HP knows how convenient their printers are for you. They would not like you to run out of ink at any point in time. They have come up with a master plan wherein they ensure that no printer remains starved of ink. The added advantage of this plan is that this is no annual plan. You can enroll at any time and cancel the same at any instant too. You need not pay anything for cancellation of the plan.
Eligibility criteria:
There are certain eligible criteria. The first one is that you should have a compatible printer. The second criterion is that you should have access to the internet.
Enrollment into the plan is very easy. You have to just connect the printer to the internet and proceed to enroll online.
The plans:
You have a range of plans to choose. The beauty of the plans is that you pay for the number of pages you use rather than the cost of the cartridge. There are three kinds of users. They are the occasional user, moderate user, and the frequent user. Depending upon your classification, you can avail these plans for cheap rates respectively. These plans allow you to use 50, 100, and 300 pages per month. In case you use more, you have to pay a nominal charge depending upon the plan you have chosen. This can range from 15, 20, or 25 pages respectively for an additional payment of a nominal amount.          
The advantages of using these plans:
There are a number of advantages of using these plans. We shall list some of them for your benefit.

  • Larger cartridges: You can find these cartridges to be larger than the usual ones. Hence, they last longer.
  • Ease of recycling: You are eligible to return the used cartridges to HP. This ensures the recycling of the cartridges.
  • Home delivery: You need not go to the market to purchase the cartridges. They deliver the cartridges right at your doorstep without you asking for it.
  • Flexibility: The plan is an extremely flexible one whereby you can cancel the same at any point of time without payment of any penalty.

There are other advantages of buying the office supplies and printer ink cartridges from this online store. The best benefit is that you are able to get your shipments on the same day. If you place your order before 3.00 pm. The company guarantees that they will ship the consignment on the same day. The other advantage is that you get the benefit of free shipping when the consignment order is for a value of $49 or more.

One should move with the times and embrace new technology. This is one of them.  

Published by Rosie Joy