Hi and welcome to my first story. Well technically, this is something that didn't happen recently. This was actually about a year ago. But since this is going to be my first post here. I decided to give you a little background of myself through flashing back to the biggest turn-of-event in my life ''my wedding day''. 

Don't worry you guys, they're aren't all just a bunch of family wedding pictures. It's more about what I have learned from that day forward. To make it brief, I am in an intercultural relationship. That alone has drastically shifted my world. 

Anyway, without further ado, I share to you a day every woman has dreamed of, and as for me it finally did come true! I also posted this in my blog website 22andforward.com. If you want to read and see more about the story, the link is down below.

I think I have made my status pretty much clear enough. In case you skipped that important announcement, (which I’m hoping you shouldn’t) I have officially tied the knot. That endless platinum & gold sparkling loop will now forever be around my left ring finger.



I can almost hear you say, congratulations! Or best wishes to you! Well, allow me to say thank you to that and to all who personally did so. Anyway, I know there are a lot of questions bugling your mind. Why you got married so early? Who’s that lucky man? What happens after your marriage? Well, well calm down you now, I hear you.



Let me just tell you my once - upon- a - time story in this way. I am a modern - day Cinderella who’s working her way on her career when a cross- culture Prince Charming came across. You might be thinking, he maybe then came for a rescue and swept me with his gallant nobleness. Well, I hate to break this up to you, but no. Surely just how Disney shaped our childhood.



Cross cultural relationship, how cool is that?! --I know right? You’ll began imagining how gorgeous and smart the babies will come out to be. Well, at least that’s what I heard of a result from an intercultural marriage. However, let’s just skip that chapter for now.


He cried, our parents cried, everyone cried, and of course I cried too. It’s a sensational feeling and a restful atmosphere surrounded with nothing but deep blue waves of the ocean and singing wind. Oh, did I just forget to mention it was a beach wedding?



I could not say it’s all then a happily-ever-after. The story never ends when Cinderella fits her glass slipper. IRL, I am now preparing myself to a new life ahead of me. This is no fun and games anymore....



So there you have it! My own fairy tale story. I hope it did inspire you one way or another. Fast forward to the present, I am now living here in Japan and has been enjoying and learning my new life. I still can't believe it has been a year and here I am rewriting and reminiscing this moment.  Please click the link to my blog website http://22andforward.com for more of the story. 

Published by Lisa Sakurai