The other day I came across the word cacophony.  Miriam-
Webster dictionary says it is “an incongruous or chaotic mixture” of sound.  As we go through our day I'm sure many of us hear that very thing.  Whether it be voices or noises it can easily become wearying if we are bombarded by a cacophony of noise all day long.

    The same dictionary gives the opposite of cacophony as silence or stillness.  How many times in a busy day do we feel like turning off the world and finding a nice quiet spot where we can sit and just relax?  Many times this is what we want but it is difficult or impossible to do.  That is the time we need to turn to God.

    In Mark 4:39 Jesus and the disciples are crossing the sea in a storm and we read, “(Jesus says) ‘Peace, be still'. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.”  This talks of a physical storm, but we can also apply it to a spiritual or inner storm.  If we turn to Jesus in those times of ‘cacophony’ He will say ‘peace, be still’ and there will be calm in our lives.

Published by Ray Richards