So released their list of the Top Ten WWE Superstars of 2017 (though technically it was way more than ten considering there were three tag teams listed), and as any good fan of a company, I have my opinions on the list. Certain Superstars, in my opinion, were lower or higher than they should be, and some were excluded all together! So, I decided to take it upon myself to make my very own list, rather than just complain on Twitter.


If you're curious, here's WWE's list:

  1. AJ Styles

  2. Braun Strowman

  3. Alexa Bliss

  4. The Usos & New Day

  5. Jinder Mahal

  6. The Miz

  7. Kevin Owens

  8. The Shield

  9. Brock Lesnar

  10. Enzo Amore


On my list, I will also have Tag Teams listed, if applicable.


If you disagree with my list, feel free to comment. Just please be nice!


10. Drew Gulak & Enzoe Amore

2017 was a great year for the cruiserweights in general, gaining momentum with the casual crowd and even main eventing RAW! Drew Gulak and Enzo Amore have made an unlikely pair on 205 Live, but I've greatly enjoyed their confrontations lately. Drew Gulak wasn't interesting to me at all in the beginning. His character was boring, his powerpoints were making my eyes roll, and his protesting was eh for me, but he's developed into someone who is more entertaining, partially thanks to Enzo Amore working with him. Plus, his ring skills highly resemble an early JBL/Bradshaw, which is so refreshing to see now that high spots are gaining popularity in wrestling.


As for Enzo Amore, despite how annoying you may find him, he has done a great job of making 205 Live worth watching, with decent storylines and annoying but catchy promos. He's helped a lot of those guys, who were previously just great wrestlers, actually develop characters people can get behind and care about, as well as making fans who don't watch the WWE Network, see the division and pay attention for longer than a second. We may not love Enzo, but we have to acknowledge what he's done this year. I'm interested to see what happens for Gulak, Amore, and the rest of the 205 roster in 2018!


9. Charlotte Flair

This one may seem a little odd, but Charlotte, despite having an incredibly rough personal life this year, has delivered in the ring and on the microphone consistently. She has also become a Grand Slam Champion, having held the NXT Women's title, the Divas title, the RAW Women's Championship, and the Smackdown Live Women's championship. Charlotte Flair never fails to entertain, and she continues to improve in the ring each time she steps foot in it.


I'm very curious to see how she fairs in 2018.


8. Jinder Mahal

Now I know this one is controversial for many people, but just think for a moment. Remember a few years back when there was this goofy stable made up of Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, and totally different Jinder Mahal called The 3 Man Band? Now, look at the former WWE champion. The man has improved in more ways than one, now having a different outlook on life, his career, and fitness. He's more fun to watch now, he's a legitimate looking superstar, and he has a great heel character to work with. His promo skills have improved ten-fold, and his matches have become much more interesting than they used to be. Like everyone else, he has some work to do for sure, but no one can deny this man has owned 2017!


Hopefully 2018 is as good to Jinder Mahal as 2017. Don't hinder Jinder!


7. Naomi

Okay, no one can deny the year Naomi has had. She has been underrated for so long now, and it's really nice to see her getting the credit she truly deserves. From debuting a new gimmick that's more over than ever, improving immensely on the microphone, to winning back her Smackdown Women's championship in her hometown after losing it to a knee injury; oh and did I mention this was at WRESTLEMANIA??? Naomi has had amazing feuds, great matches, and two title reigns this year.


What will 2018 bring the Queen of the Glow?


6. Rusev (Day)

Honestly, I never expected Rusev to have such an...interesting year. What started out as him mucking along with not much to do, ended with him being the most over he's ever been, and that's saying something considering fans have loved Rusev for a long time. His new gimmick, where every day is a celebration of his name called 'Rusev Day', is hilarious and refreshing for the brute, and having Aiden English working with him as his “foreign correspondent” or whatever he called himself when they originally teamed up, who sings about 'Rusev Day' every time he comes out, makes it ten times funnier. I didn't think I would like this gimmick, if I'm honest, nut getting to see Rusev being more like himself and having a good time, how can you even hate on it?


Let's just hope 2018 brings him a title run or two!


5. Sheasaro

Watching this tag team today, you wouldn't think that only a year ago, these two were bitter enemies and then reluctant tag team partners. Sheamus and Cesaro have won many people over with their charisma, natural chemistry, and excellent in-ring talent. They have had an incredible year, winning the tag team titles on RAW many times and having amazing feuds with the Hardys and the Shield. They have quickly become one of the greatest tag teams in WWE history, and a fan favorite overall.


Maybe 2018 will bring some blue tag team titles????


4. The Miz

One of my personal favorite wrestlers, The Miz has made quite the year for himself. Not only is he close to being the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion, he's also close to beating Chris Jericho with most Intercontinental reigns (Jericho has 9 and the Miz has 7). While Intercontinental Champion, Miz gave the title some meaning once again, making sure it had a place on whatever show he was on, taking it to red carpets he attended, and never failed to post about it on social media. He also defended it every chance he had, and never failed to make his feuds with it interesting to watch.


The Miz has been an underrated work horse in WWE, and it's nice to see people coming around to him finally. In fact, The Miz was named Wrestler of the Year in Rolling Stones! He's filmed another movie, announced that he and his wife, former WWE Diva Maryse, are having their first child, and has been hosting Champions vs Challengers on MTV. He's had a busy year, and things seem to only be looking up for the superstar.


Maybe he'll get another major title reign in 2018?


3. The New Day

The New Day have been a fan favorite tag team since their run as the Power of Positivity, and that train hasn't stopped yet. They have very interesting merchandise for sale now, have a book coming out very soon (who knows what it will say), and currently have a affinity for pancakes. Asside from their ridiculous antics, however, we have seen what has become one of the greatest tag teams of the modern era. They work together incredibly well, and in 2017 we have gotten to see more of Xavier Woods in-ring skills, proving that each member of the stable has no problem lacing up the boots and kicking in some teeth. Their feud with The Usos proved to be one of the hottest of the year, including one of the most brutal Hell in a Cell matches in the new era.


The New Day are now four time tag team champions (2 on RAW and 2 on SDLive) and well on their way to more in the future. But their long time as a tag team begs the question; when will this trio break up, as all do in WWE, and who will be the one to turn on the brotherhood first?


2. The Usos

The Usos have undeniably had the best year of their careers. With the turn from their colorful warrior gimmick to straight up gangster thugs who have no hesitation when it comes to kicking butt, fans have found them far more entertaining to watch and root for. Their feud with The New Day, as mentioned above, was hottest in the company, and their showcasing at Hell in a Cell blew many fans out of the water. They have improved on the microphone, have utilized much more brutal moves to their repertoire, and now hold the Smackdown Tag Team Championship.


Most recently, it has been acknowledged that Jimmy Uso is the reigning Iron Man in WWE, having the longest time without a break in WWE, which is quite impressive considering the schedule these performers are on. I'm excited to see where they take 2018!


1. AJ Styles & Roman Reigns

I battled long and hard in my mind over this one, and I was originally going to list AJ at number one and Roman at number two, but these superstars have both had an excellent year, so I had to tie them at number one.


AJ Styles, the man no one ever thought would be in a WWE ring, has made quite the name for himself in the short time he's been in the company. He has great matches with literally everyone on the roster, he has had really hot feuds with numerous superstars, and he's held the WWE and United States championships twice. There's no denying the man's talent.


Roman Reigns has had an interesting year himself. Currently the Intercontinental Champion (and anyone who knows me will know how weird I find this!), Roman is now the Grand Slam Champion, which means he has held every major championship available in the company, he retired the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33, had a hot feud with John Cena that pushed his promo game immensely, had a long burning feud with Braun Strowman that fans couldn't get enough of, and has reunited with the Shield (Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose), something fans of the stable have been waiting for since they broke up. It's been busy for the big dog, making his a top star right now. I'm not sure why WWE listed him so low on the list, other than maybe because the Shield reboot hasn't worked out quite as well as people might have hoped. But with his new reign as Intercontinental Champion, his amazing title defenses, and his growing promo skills, I think he's made up for being sick back in October.


These two men have proved they are worthy top talent, and I am excited for 2018!



So, do you agree with my list? Have some issues with where I placed some of the superstars? Share your thoughts below, and don't forget to tune in to RAW on Mondays, Smackdown Live on Tuesdays, NXT and 205 Live on the WWE Network, and The Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View January 28th.

Published by Caitlyn Booth