I can vaguely remember back to my days in university when I took a course in calculus.  At the start of the year there were 15 people in the class, by Christmas, only 10.  Some people found it difficult to understand so they dropped out of the course and found something easier.  I too found it difficult.  But to me giving up was not an option.  I paid close attention to the professor and did my best to follow the text book and do the assignments to help guide me.  As it turned out I got one of the better marks in the class, even though at the beginning I really didn't understand it very well.

    Many people treat the Bible in the same way some treated that calculus course.  They read the Bible for a while, declare it is too difficult to understand and give up.  Others agree and say parts are difficult, but instead they read all the more carefully and read parts over and over until they understand it.  No matter whether you find it easy or difficult, the only way to learn and understand is to read, study and ask God for guidance.

Published by Ray Richards