I judge people based on their actions, is that wrong? Considering I call myself, “The Dream Seller” and think I’m capable of selling my soul to the devil and buying it back, I don’t think so. I stated yesterday how people having PLENTY excuses and believe so to be true. My last 2 ex’s had excuses out the ass, always a reason why they can’t or couldn’t do something after selling you a dream, like a slum lord.

In December of 2013 I moved to Wilmington, Deleware with my husband. It was my first time being up north, besides trips to Jersey, and I FROZE MY ASS OFF! I had never been in the snow before or seen so many one way streets and abandon building in my life. Definitely an unforgettable experience, I was so scared, lol. People up north aren’t very friendly like us Californians, but they’re always trying to sell you something. In scents, oils, purses, shoes, PIES!! Umm, if I’m at the grocery store, what the hell makes you think I want to buy some pie from out the back of your rapist van?images-87

House hunting was a lot harder and cheaper than I expected. I hated how most of the homes were row homes, and so close together. I don’t want to be in bed listening to my neighbor’s kids running a muck. In California, even in Virginia, we always had an attic, WHAT THE HELL IS A BASEMENT? When we first got to Deleware we stayed at my husband’s grandma’s house and downstairs in the basement was the laundry/ storage/ guest room. BASEMENT’S ARENT BEDROOMS, who wants to listen to the washer and dryer while trying to sleep? You can’t even walk around barefoot unless you want concrete, cement and rocks and shit on your feet. Another thing I disliked was how it seemed every house only had 1 bathroom. WHY? So there’s nothing but small households up north?

download-60We ended up renting a 3 bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 2 story home with a basement and backyard, leased to us by a man who claimed to have been a licensed realtor. I should have known when I asked him, “how’s the neighborhood” by his, “I wouldn’t live here because I can afford not to” response that he was going to be more of a problem than the neighborhood. Stupidly, I looked past the fact our home was in between abandoned houses, and would find junkies and needles in my basement when all I wanted was to do some laundry. Never had I been more afraid to do laundry in my life. We discovered they were entering through the basement’s window and asked the landlord MUTILPLE times to come fix it.

Turned out that wasn’t the only window we had to worry about, NONE OF THE WINDOWSdownload-61WERE MADE OF REAL GLASS. Inspectors said the house wasn’t properly insulated, the windows were fake, the doors weren’t properly installed, the heating system wasn’t in compliance with their code, and he hadn’t had a license in over a year.  Attempting to keep us as tenants, Mr full of shit had every excuse in the book my husband was not trying to hear. My husband wanted to just leave due to the fact that I was FREEZING more in the house than outside, but I was willing to give slum lord a chance to right his wrongs. The city gave him 90 days to fix the problems and he decided on the 80th day to finally send someone out. They were in such a rush trying to get everything done, hardly anything got done.

download-63Not only did they fail the inspection twice, by having my front and back door open all damn day, they let a RAT/MOUSE, WHATEVER IT IS, in my house. THAT’S when we packed up and moved to Florida, I couldn’t do it anymore. No one likes feeling conned or scammed but the one running game never comes out on top. Although I call myself a dream seller, I do all I can to bring that dream to life, like a contractor. So learn from my horrible traumatizing experience and be a contractor, not a slum lord. I hope everyone has a good day, I’m going to eat, watch the news and go to bed. Good morning! LOL

Published by ShylahBoss Lee