Last month, I had received an invitation for a lunch party with my friends. I was over the moon because my life had become a boring routine, and I needed to run away from this cycle asap. I have a tendency to select my outfit for any special occasion as soon as I receive an invitation. This event was no exception to this golden rule of my life. I considered and discarded many dresses, jeans, trousers, tops, skirts, shorts, and wait! That was all! I had nothing more to consider and discard. As my fashion sisters would agree, it was a nightmare. I could not believe my eyes. All these clothes and no contender for a casual outing. Words can't describe my dismay. "What went wrong?" I asked myself. I am a regular shopper. I earn to spend and then spend more than I earn. "Where did my astounding fashion pieces vanish?" All I could see was a huge pile of clothes with not a single piece worthy of a special occasion.

I took deep breaths and decided to analyze the situation rationally. I organized my wardrobe in the segments of tops, dresses, shorts, jeans, trousers, jumpsuits, and skirts.  The result of my analysis was an eye-opener. My wardrobe was suffering from a serious case of monotonicity and compulsive purchases. With an advent of online shopping, I did not need to resist my temptation to shop at wee hours. This freedom came with a price. I shopped compulsively and relentlessly. The heap of clothes lying in front of me was an evidence of how much my wardrobe suffered due to my obsession with online shopping. I had exactly four cowl neck tops with the same design in different colors, three tank tops with only their colors identifying them as different, and many other pieces with similar traits. It was an overwhelming experience, and only a true fashion lover would understand how inconsolable I was!

Anyway, after whining for a while, I took control of the situation. Immediately, I uninstalled the online shopping app, decided to go for shopping with a checklist of items, and get an approval from a trustworthy friend before making a purchase. In my case, my sister and husband are the most trusted anti-compulsion drug. Guess what, it worked! I can't say that there were no moments of relapse because there were many of those moments, but 60% of the times, I managed to keep my part of the deal. What about 40%? Well, I am a work in progress.  In my defense, I was depressed and needed to pull my purse strings to feel better. Not the best excuse, I know, but I am a shopaholic in recovery. It takes time.
To my compulsive buyer girlfriends, here are the pearls of wisdom from my own experience:

  1. You may come out of this habit alone, but it's always better to ask your trustworthy friend/relative to pull you by the hair if you seem getting sidetracked.​

  2. Get rid of online shopping apps, asap! As long as this app is your friend, you cannot get rid of "shopaholic" foe.​

  3. Keep yourself busy. Pick a hobby, indulge and excel in it. When you'll be appreciated for your excellent work in this hobby, you will find less time for anything else.​

  4. A few slips on the road are acceptable. Do not sulk about it. As long as you know that you should not have done it, you have a chance to improve.​

  5. Join a "Shopaholic Anonymous" group. If you do not have such a group in your area, create one on the internet and invite people to join it. Become each other's shield from this obsession.​

  6. Trust yourself.

Tada! There you have it. Ladies, we can become trendsetters without spending a fortune on apparels. We need only two things and those are patience and an eye for style. Practice patience and contact CosmoFashionSite ( to keep up with the trend.
Anki & Dishu

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