Eddie and Sons Locksmith is a master key manipulator. A good professional can resolve a variety of lock and key issues that occur on any lock. You can find a residential, commercial, or an automotive locksmith to handle your needs. Problems after hours? An Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn, NY is there to help day and night.

Call the Locksmith Brooklyn, NY for Rekeying Service

You may need to rekey a lock if a key has made its way into the wrong hands. Landlords oftentimes use rekeying services from Eddie and Sons Locksmith in lieu of purchasing new locks for the doors on their rental properties and home buyers use it to avoid replacement. The service is also beneficial in roommate type situations and many others.  Rekeying simply changes the pin inside of the cylinder of the lock so that it has a different pinning mechanism that prevents old keys from opening the door. It is much easier to utilize this service than it is to replace residential door locks and less expensive, too.

Car Keys Made; Keys for the Home & Office, Too

You may find the need for a new key after the old one is lost, when the key is broken, and in a variety of other situations. When you need a new key, a high-quality, Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn, NY can make it for you.  Locksmiths can create keys for all makes and models of vehicles as well as those for businesses of all sizes and for homes. The brand and style of lock used in the facility is not important. Locksmiths have the tools and equipment to make the new keys that you need, the right way, the first time around.

Why Use a Master Key System?

Eddie and Sons Locksmith Installs master key systems and leave your worries behind. With a master key, all of the locks can easily be unlocked with one key. Yes, one key does it all, saving time and stress. Most people use master keys at their office or place of business because they make life a little less hectic.  The master key doesn’t affect the ordinary keys used to open the locks; they work as usual. The master key eliminates the need for many keys and saves time. The key system is affordable to install and a service that a residential or commercial Locksmith Brooklyn, NY can easily provide.

A Locksmith Offers Broken Key Extraction

If a key breaks off in the lock, call Eddie and Sons Locksmith Brooklyn, NY immediately.  Keys can break off in the ignition, in the front door, or in any other lock. The locksmith has the tools and equipment to safely and easily remove broken keys from any lock, whether it is stuck in the ignition or home entrance door. Keys can break off in a lock due to excessive force, old age, or because the keys are damaged. Once the key is removed, a locksmith can also repair the lock and provide key duplication so you’re not without the key that you need.

Locksmiths Know Keys

Eddie and Sons Locksmith is a professional key maker who can make keys for most any lock. A 24-hour locksmith works weekends and evenings and is there when services are needed, no matter what. Key issues can be frustrating if you do not pick up the phone and arrange for professional services at once.

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Published by Mohsin Ahsan