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The town is densely packed with few large roads; the majority are small side-roads and cobbled streets. There is no bus service, but the whole town is easily within walking distance. There is a tourist information at the railway station.

Things to do and see

Chapelle de Notre Dame de la Serre – this is a beautiful chapel up on the mountainside, about an hour from the town. It is possible to drive up to a carpark just beneath it, but the short hike is well worth it for the views. The chapel is often open and there is a brilliant white statue of Mother Eternal gazing out across the bay.

Citadel – this is the equivalent of the ‘old town’ for Calvi, with well-preserved medieval buildings looming over the narrow, cobbled streets. There are a few small cafés and shops nearer the bottom, but these disappear as you climb to the top. The views at the top are also excellent, and watching the sunset across the rooftops and battlements is something special. (Note; take a torch with you if you go in the late evening, as the streets are very dark and quite uneven!)

Snorkelling, scuba-diving and boat trips – there are many companies offering trips out into the bay. Most tours and trips will feature an English translation, although not all of them.

Several boat tours go to Scandola nature reserve or the other seaside settlements of Porto, Girolata and Ajaccio – all of which are certainly worth an exploration!

Made by: JR Cornish, Calvi, March 8, 2016


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