There you have it, a 'plus size' model. PLUS SIZE? What does that even mean? Bigger than the national average? Well, that's size 14-16, not size 10. Overweight? A BMI of over 25? This new Calvin Klein model is classed as plus size...

Hold on? This doesn't make sense. So now all women who are a size 10 are now plus size, what is this going to do to young girls out there who are a size 10? They are probably quite happy with their body shape and size. However, Calvin is about to shatter that and put a label on size 10 girls. Fuck you Calvin.

But wait, what does the model think about all this? I read an article to which she shared her side of the story. She always wanted to do modelling but did not meet the criteria (not skinny enough), instead she went for plus size opportunities. She turned up to auditions with her clothing stuffed to make her look bigger! She does recognise she's not plus size, but she is trying to promote a healthier body image for women. YOU GO GIRL.

Yet, people are still angry and outraged. I don't blame them, you can now class yourself as above average at size 10 according to Calvin Klein. It's ridiculous, I feel that if you are going to class someone as plus size then that's exactly what they should be, above national average. They should not have introduced this model as plus size, they should have just introduced her as a fresh new model. WHY USE LABELS. Makes me so angry, the pressures on young girls in today's society is unreal, you've basically given them another reason to dislike themselves. To look at this model and say 'Plus size? What does that make me then?'.

This model, has a beautiful body, it is not plus size. She looks healthy and looks like she really takes care of her body. That is exactly what we should be promoting, more and more models should look like this. Companies should aim to use more models who aren't a size 0. To promote fitness and healthy living, not starvation and maladaptive eating behaviours. I wouldn't think I am overreacting, there are a lot of pressures to be an ideal body weight, for both men and women and companies shouldn't be so quick to throw around the word 'plus size'. I don't think it should be used at all. She is who she is, her body is what it is, why label it with such words that have a lasting destructive effect?

Congratulations Calvin Klein, for giving a generation of girls more reasons to have insecurities.

Published by Katy-Jane Pitt