Cambodia is a country packed with rich history and beautiful landscapes, and the region of Angkor (located in the northern provinence of Siem Reap) is not one to be missed. The Angkor region has over one thousand temples, each and every one of them containing their own unique design and story to tell. 

Exploring all the temples would take weeks, understanding the history behind each one is a vital part about the exploration. Having done three of the main temples in one day, I am here to tell you that they were beyond incredible. Setting out to explore the temples is a day in itself, you really have no time to do anything else (except for a lunch break of course!). 

Ever since the region of Angkor joined the UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has gained popularity world wide attracting millions of people a year. 

You must have a ticket for all the temples otherwise you will not be allowed in, these can be purchased at the ticket booth near Angkor Wat for US$20 for a one day pass to all temples. Price goes up depending on how many days/weeks you intend to visit the temples. 

Angkor Wat 

Angkor Wat is by far the most popular and well known temple in all of Cambodia. Angkor Wat is believed to be the spiritual heart of Cambodia, and if you stand in the middle of the temple it is said that you are standing in the centre of the universe. 

To this day, it is the largest religious monument in the world with 16.2 hectares to explore. 

The best time to visit Angkor Wat is at Sunrise, but make sure you get a ticket at the ticket booth prior to arrival otherwise you will be denied entry. Also respectful clothing must be worn, such as covering the shoulders and knees. 

The Bayon 

The Bayon is less crowded than Angkor Wat, known for its 200 stone faces and spectacular views of the surrounding jungle. The Bayon was a Buddhist temple and even still today, there is a school for monks metres away. 

The Bayon is a spectacular architectural design with many stone carvings of ancient activities. For this temple, it is best to get a tour guide as there is so much to hear about. They will also talk to you about all the carvings, which contain stories from history. 

Ta Prohm

Feeling lost in a magical forest is what it is like to wonder the ruins of Ta Prohm. Ta Prohm greets it’s visitors with twisted trunks and ever growing plants, which makes for a jungle like feel when walking through Ta Prohm. 

Ta Prohm is one of the most visited temples in Cambodia. Ta Prohm was a scene featured in the movie Tomb Raider starring Angelina Jolie, which helped bring this temple to fame. If you want to avoid stairs and large amounts of walking, then this temple is for you as it is all one level. 

Published by Brooke Fryer