Selena has been crushing on Justin for too long but she had never expressed her feelings to him. He knew she liked him. He knew how she felt about him. And he had told his friends that he’s going to ‘hit that’ during the school camp get-away.

He was in the bad boy crew but he was the sweet and naughty kind. He cared about Selena and he did have feelings for her but only his best friend Andrew knew about it. 


Justin walks over to Selena and immediately she gets nervous. She knew what he’s going to say and try to get her to do. He always loved to play with her mind back in school. Teasing her, making her uncomfortable even with her friends around. 

She enjoyed it though. It kind of made her feel that he liked her too.

He comes up to her face and asks her to take a walk with him. They start walking to the cabin.

“Wassup” Justin says

“Um, nothing much I guess” She reply awkwardly.

“So what’s up with tonight?” He says as he wraps his arm around her waist.

“I don’t know, you tell me” She reply “We’re definitely not having sex though” She adds. 

A look of disappointment came over Justin’s face. She felt bad because she did not like to disappoint people.

“So what are we doing?” He replies.

“Um I don’t know we’ll see where the night take us” She says “and we’re not doing oral either” She adds.

“That’s fine, I’ll respect your wishes babe” he says.

‘Is this boy perfect or what? Any other boy would have found a sluttier girl to have sex with’, Selena’s thoughts.

They stop at the back door of the cabin.

“So, when do I get to kiss you?” Justin Says smirking.

“I don’t know, whenever you’re ready” She reply with a shy smile.

She was freaking out though. But to be honest she wasn’t ready, she had never kissed a boy. She was 16 and never been kissed.

Justin moves closer to her looking in her eyes.

“Oh crap” She thinks to herself

“How about now?” He says smiling

“Um…….” She’s cut off as he leans in.

They kiss.

‘His lips are so freaking soft. Why is he shoving his tongue in my throat?’ Selena’s thoughts.

She pulls away.

“I have never kissed a boy. You’re my first” She says biting her bottom lip.

“I sure can’t tell” he says smirking. 

He then leads her to the cabin.

“Oh shit, shit, shit” Her thoughts again.

She sits on her bed and looks in her phone. He comes to her and takes the phone from her and puts his number in her phone.

“So you can text me later tonight when you’re ready” he said smirking

“Okay” She says standing up.

He doesn’t move from in front of her so they were so close. He then kisses her again and grabs her ass. 

She pulls back.

“We should go back before people start suspecting stuff” She said and they walked out.



Published by Doreen Eshinali