Beep Beep. Her phone vibrated. It was a message from Justin.

‘Are you alone in your cabin? I’m coming over?’ It read.

He figured that she was alone in her cabin because her two friends, Talia and Maya, had come to the boys cabins which was 10 minutes away from theirs. 

When Justin and Andrew walked through the door, she knew something was about to happen. He walked over to her bed but Andrew stayed at the door as lookout.

He took his shoes off and climbed under the covers with her. He snuggled up really close to her but she started doing stuff on her phone to try avoid getting physical with him. It’s not that she didn’t want him. But she was scared of sex and she had high morals. She wanted to stay a virgin until marriage.

He snatches her phone and puts it under the pillow.

“Can I have a kiss” He asks.

“Sure” She leans in

She pecks him on his lips because she knows that if she gives him more it will lead to something more serious.

“Why do you keep stopping?” He asks grabbing her chin.

“I don’t know, I guess I’m nervous” She reply.

“There’s nothing to be nervous about” He says kissing her.

The kiss turned into making out and things escalates very quickly. She brushes her tongue on his upper lip as a tease. He let out a small groan and grabs her ass harder. His hand lowers to her thigh and he pulls off her shorts leaving her in her spanks. ‘Ha! Thought you were going to get me out of my pants.” She thinks to herself.

He pulls her leg over him motioning for her to get on top of him and she did.

He starts kissing and sucking on her neck. She let out a small moan. He then grabs one of her breasts and starts sucking. 

She begins to grind on top of him that she can feel his cock against her. They continue to kiss and fondle one another.

She then suddenly gets off from on top of him because she feels that things are going too far. She tops kissing him but he continues kissing her neck. He grabs her and inserts two fingers, “Shit” She says softly. Then pulls off his hand

She pulls off his shirt and began to lick him down. She does that to tease him because she really doesn’t plan on going any lower than his stomach. It’s torture because he knows she’s not about to give him head.

He then pulls her up and she gets back on top of him. Grinding. Faster and Faster as time goes on. Their making out gets more intense. She grabs his length and begins to rub on it through his pants.

He tries to pull it out that she feels it on her hand. It’s weird because she had never touched one before.

She then immediately pull her hand up and gets off him. ‘Damn! I just ruined the mood’ She said to herself

“What’s wrong?” He says concerned.

“I told you I’m not having sex with you’. She reply.

He laughs. “I wasn’t gonna put it in, just thought you might want to actually touch it. I told you that I respect your values. You don’t need to be scared I would never violate or hurt you. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable”.

She smiles.

He laughs again and leans in to kiss her. She couldn’t understand how the mood had been reset but she wanted him more than ever now. A respectful boy is such a turn on.

They make out some more. And then they just lay there in each other’s arms.

‘My perfect night’ Her thoughts.

It begins to rain. Andrew had already left without them noticing.

“You should go before it starts raining too hard”. She said.

” You sure? I could just stay with you if you want”.

“No its’ okay, I’m tired anyways.” She reply.

“Okay babe.” He says kissing her. “I really like you. Goodnight”

He then leaves.


Published by Doreen Eshinali