Sorry for the silence guys. I was camping over the weekend and didn't have access to any technology. But I'm back now and I want to share a couple of pictures with you guys from my trip! I was very iffy about going camping this year because the last time I went around 4 years ago, I'd gotten really sick and spent a majority of the time napping and being in pain. It was bad enough that I had to go to the doctors right when we got home and had to take antibiotics for a throat infection. 

So my family and I left for camping on Thursday. I was supposed to work early morning Sunday, so my mom let me drive the whole way there so I know what to expect when I drive myself back Saturday afternoon. The road was incredibly windy. There were very sharp turns and the road was narrow. I won't lie, I got a little panicky whenever I felt like other cars were too close to me or when I felt I was too shut in by the mountains. But I made it!

When we got there, we immediately went to check out the view from our campsite. Let me just say, I could sit in a chair in the nice breeze and just stare at it for hours. And I did.

Let me tell you guys, I'd never been more relaxed just staring at a nice view before.

We took a good hour trying to set up our two tents and one screen tent to keep the food in. Two of them were pop up tents that were supposed to take less than five minutes each to set up. I know, shameful. Anyway. Once we set up, we took a walk around our campsite area. What I really liked about this one is that all the camp spots were a good distance away from each other. The tents weren't side by side to where you had to maneuver through other people's tents. We were far enough to not be so disturbed by the noise of anyone around us.

The stars were possibly my favorite part of the whole trip. Being so close to the city, I can only see a very small portion of them. But seeing the sky completely dotted with stars was a view that I will never get tired of. At our campsite, we had a perfect view of not only the lake, but the sunsets. We watched it go down every single night. We'd stop whatever we were going and just stare at the sun saying goodnight and hiding behind the mountains. On the last night, we literally took turns taking pictures with the sunset. Running back and forth that every one of us got our pictures. When we did, we turned back towards the sunset and waved goodbye. 

This camping trip was my official last summer getaway. That's not to say that I won't be going to the beach or Disneyland in the last couple of weeks of my summer break. But as for going out of town and spending the nights away somewhere other than my own bed, that's it for me. 

August is a busy month. Not only do I have to prep for school by buying all my textbooks, parking pass, and getting all my pre-class work done, but we're also doing inventory for work at the end of the month. We're transferring thousands of units from old collections out of our store and also reorganizing all the shelves and collections we still have in the backroom. Once all of that is done, then the real inventory prep begins. Inventory takes place in the last three days before I go back to school, so I really won't even have a break for the rest of my summer.My schedule got changed  for Sunday so I was able to stay the extra night. But I had to work the night I got home from camping and honestly, I haven't had a simple, work day since. 

Tomorrow I'll get back to posting every other day. 

Published by Sabrina Cardenas