CBD oil is the latest craze and you have likely seen it advertised in many different places to adverts on social media to local high-street health shops and much more. Hemp oil might seem like it is a brand new creation but it’s been known about for some time although its recent surge in popularity has made it more popular than ever before.

You’ll find lots of different things reported when it comes to CBD oil, some might seem fairly mundane while others might seem like the work of fiction. I mean could something like CBD oil cure cancer? Many people who read that CBD oil can cure cancer would understandably be sceptical but is there any truth to the claim?

Unfortunately, the stories you might have read about CBD oil magically curing cancer are just that stories. There is no evidence to show that Hemp oil on its own can cure cancer however that doesn’t mean CBD can’t help people suffering from cancer either.

Much of the research into CBD oil is still in its early stages and further research could easily discover new benefits to using CBD oil in the treatment of cancer but for now, what do we know? First of all, there is strong evidence to show that high quality cannabidiol can help alleviate the side-effects of common cancer treatments like radio and chemotherapy.

Radio and chemotherapy are common treatments for cancer but they can have a number of side-effects like nausea and vomiting which can make an already strenuous treatment process all the more difficult. Cannabidiol could help you avoid or at the least lessen these kinds of symptoms which is something many cancer sufferers could potentially benefit from.

This is certainly good news but where does the talk of CBD oil curing cancer come from? Well, it isn’t all over dramatic reporting because there is evidence to support the fact that CBD oils could help weaken or even kill cancer cells.

However, research into this is in the very early stages and much of the research is in animals. Further human trials are planned though so in the near future we could see CBD oil being a much more common way to combat cancer.

But CBD oils amazing benefits don’t end there as it can also help with issues like anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression are mental conditions and very different from cancer but CBD oil is very versatile and research has shown promising evidence for Hemp oils potential as a treatment.

So, how does CBD oil work as a treatment for depression and anxiety disorders? CBD oil effects your body’s endocannabinoid system, this affects your moods, sleep, appetite and much more. Cannabidiol effects the cannabinoid receptors and clinical trials have shown that it can help alleviate the symptoms of both depression and anxiety.

Like with cancer Cannabidiol l is not a miracle cure but evidence shows that it can be an effective way to lessen the symptoms of both anxiety and depression. So, it is certainly worth examining as a potential treatment. 

Published by Calida Jenkins