The answer is, “maybe, depends.” In the short amount of time since CBD products started flooding the market, people are reporting losing their jobs for failing CBD drug test screenings. Cannabidiol (CBD) shouldn’t show up on a drug test. But, the outcome depends on the type of hemp-derived product you are taking and the amount of THC it contains. 

Most people might not realize how much THC is in their CBD product. Although this problem is easily avoidable, not everybody does their due diligence when shopping for CBD products. This means that in some circumstances, using CBD might result in a positive drug test. It all depends on the product’s actual contents. Read on to learn why CBD could show positive on a drug test.

What Is CBD?

Before we dive into why traces of THC might compromise your drug test, let’s clarify what CBD is. If you already know, you’re free to move on to the following section, but for those who need the reminder, cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound found in cannabis plants, specifically hemp. CBD can interact with the body to improve several internal functions while promoting an unparalleled sense of relaxation.

What Is THC?

Moving on to tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the main intoxicating element in marijuana. Although it is commonly used by smoking, It can also be consumed in oils, edibles, and even capsules, just like CBD products. Both CBD and THC interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system, which is your body’s regulatory system. But, they have vastly different impacts. 

Reasons Why CBD Could Show Positive on a Drug Test!

There are many reasons why CBD might show up on a drug test, and most of them involve THC.

1. Using Product With THC

Although CBD products are openly available to the public, most aren’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Due to this lack of regulation, many companies are offering fraudulent products. As a result, it’s hard to identify what’s in them. That being said, testing positive on a drug test can occur because of the THC contained in the product you’ve used. 

Under federal law, CBD products should contain no more than 0.3% THC. Unfortunately, even with this insignificant amount, it can still be detectable in a drug test.

2. Misreading the Label/ Mislabeling of Products

Misreading the label is another reason why people fail drug tests. A lot of the blame goes to the consumers for not doing their due diligence when selecting CBD products. A quick, thorough read of the label should be enough to catch the red flags.  

As aforementioned, the FDA does very little when it comes to regulating the products being introduced. Dishonest companies sometimes take advantage of this unchecked freedom to by-pass some critical quality control steps. 

A study in Pediatric Neurology Briefs discovered that the amount of CBD and THC in some of the products examined vary from what was stated on the label. This hints that product mislabeling is somewhat prevalent in the industry.

3. Contamination of THC

There is always a possibility for cross-contamination during the CBD formulation process, even if THC is present in trace quantities. To elaborate, small amounts of THC present in the plant material that CBD is derived from can get into the CBD product in large enough numbers to result in a positive drug test. 

4. Secondhand Exposure to THC

Secondhand Exposure to THC  is unlikely to be sufficient for someone to get a positive drug test result, but it is a possibility and one that people must consider if regular drug test screenings are required in the job. Some research hints that how much THC you absorb through secondhand exposure depends on the potency of the marijuana.

Closing Thoughts 

Getting a negative drug test from CBD products should be nearly unattainable. However, because the CBD industry is not properly regulated, there is no guarantee that the product you buy contains pure CBD oil (no THC), or that its potency is at the stated level.

As a consumer, it is up to you to do your research when shopping for a quality CBD product, especially if you need to undergo regular drug tests. Looking for quality CBD products? Try Green Roads, they provide the highest quality, pharmacist formulated CBD products on the market. Their obsession with the potency and purity of ingredients and their exclusive formulations are all part of their commitment to consumers. 


Published by Matthew Piggot