“Mom, can love hate?” the little girl dressed in a sparkly mermaid dress asked. She was about 5.

The mother stopped what she was doing and looked at her daughter. It took her a moment before responding, “That's why it's called love. Does love know how to hate?

Drawing on the floor using her finger, the little girl, head bowed low, answered, “Mum, cos love hates me.”

The mother was astonished at her daughter's reply. "Why?" She was worried. 

The five-year-old tilted her head to the side, then propped a finger to one of her temples. "Well, there's this boy at school." Next her eyebrows met while her arms were crossed over her chest. "He hates me." Her voice was tiny as an angel.

"That's why love hates you baby??" The mother finishes wiping off the Nutella then goes back to the kitchen, washing dishes. She smiles. Children. They're so beautiful and innocent. They don't know what more heartaches are in store for them.


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo