Makeup has been used for millenniums to enhance your beauty and disguise any imperfections. However it’s always considered to be specifically for women, with all makeup brands advertising using female models. However I think it’s time for a change. I believe makeup is gender neutral and wearing it does not define you, I don’t believe that men are less masculine if they wear makeup, and I think everyone should have the freedom to use makeup, or not use makeup, without fear of being ridiculed.

When most people think of a man wearing makeup, they probably think of drag queens. I love drag culture, it’s fabulous, fierce and a great way of sticking two fingers up to traditional society. Many drag queens are both better men and women that a lot of us. However why can straight cisgender men, or in fact any man, not wear makeup without being considered less of a man? Traditionally, makeup has been used by women, and I can understand why pink lipstick and long fluttery lashes may not appeal to a lot of men. But then again, it doesn’t appeal to a lot of women to. Women have the freedom to choose whether they want to wear makeup or not, and don’t have to suffer criticism if they choose not to, as after all, we know not wearing makeup doesn’t make you less feminine, providing that is what you identify with. There’s definitely a double standard here.


I consider myself a feminist, and the definition of a feminist is someone who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes, not someone who believes women are superior to men. And surely social equality means you can choose to wear makeup no matter what gender you are. Self-expression comes in many forms, and makeup is certainly one of them. Like myself, millions of people love makeup; it’s exciting to try out new looks, and it can enhance your best features. So shouldn’t men be able to express themselves through makeup as well? And who can forget that makeup is essential for some individual’s confidence. Although everyone has unique beauty, many of us suffer from skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and psoriasis, which can really take a toll on someone’s confidence, so makeup is perfect for covering these flaws and making a person feel beautiful again. Just as many men suffer from skin conditions as women, yet many feel they can’t use makeup to cover their flaws and raise their confidence again. Even if they aren’t sure about whipping out the red lipstick yet, I see no reason why men shouldn’t be able to use foundations and concealers to cover imperfections like women to. The desire to increase your confidence again certainly doesn’t make you less masculine.


So to all those men that want to wear makeup, go for it. To all those women who don’t want to wear makeup, show your bare face proudly. Makeup is not just for women, it’s for all genders, wherever you may lie on the spectrum. And after all, how can material goods like makeup define a person anyway?

By Rachel S.D.B

images sourced from: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/top-10-high-street-make-up-products




Published by Rachel S.D.B