Here is why reading the Labels is so very important

I heard it many times: When people from other countries moved to the United States they started gaining weight.

When I visited Disneyland in Orlando in 1998 I was so shocked by what I saw: Coming from Europe, I saw overweight kids. So obese, they could not even walk. They had to put them in a wheelchair to explore the Wonderland. I never forget these sad  images.

When I go grocery shopping I watch what people put in their carts, while standing in line at the cashier. And, I am not surprised why there are so many obese people.

It seems like no one really reads food labels. Do parents care what their kids eat? Don’t they see that their child is already obese? Often carts contain gallons of soft drinks, chips, candy, white bread, cereal and many other products that contain unhealthy ingredients. But, at the end, I cannot blame them. Because if you don’t know what’s going on, you make mistakes and keep on making them.

The same happened to me many years ago. I was very slim but suddenly started to gain weight when I moved to the United States. What did I do wrong? I admit at the beginning I ate Fast Food a couple of times a week. But then I got so sick to my stomach that I had to quit the unhealthy food. But I still put on more and more pounds.

I was desperate and started exploring my behaviour, my food intake, etc. I put myself on a diet with almost no results. At the end I just tried to eat as little as possible. And anyhow, I was never a compulsive eater. Very often I did not eat at all because I just was not very hungry. But the weight did not come off.

So, after many years of trying to get slim again, I found a very interesting book. I studied every chapter very carefully, – and then it hit me: I was allergic to Carbohydrates. This was an eye-opening experience for me. I put myself on that low carb diet which was not easy at all to do. But the results were very convincing: I lost 23 pounds in around 4 months.

I couldn’t believe it! Like I said: I am really no expert, nor do I know a lot of biochemical processes, etc. But I knew I was on the right path. Even my husband lost around 40 pounds in that time frame. Success!

But what has this to do with losing weight by eating organic food? In my case low carb was just the half hurdle. I still had to lose more weight but my metabolism didn’t work perfectly. And the low carb diet helped me incredibly but weight loss was at a standstill after the initial weight loss. Apparently, I still made mistakes. But which?

To make a long story short: I did not know that all the High Fructose Corn Sirup which is in so many processed foods contributes a lot to obesity. Not only that. It causes metabolic dysfunction reports Dr. Mercola. Many of the processed foods in grocery stores contain lots of other chemicals, food dyes, fillers, etc. who disrupt the metabolism. This was the missing piece in my long journey to lose weight.

Now that I know, I always try to buy organic food, if affordable. I study the labels very carefully and eat low carb food. When I eat at a Restaurant I gain weight rapidly. When I eat home cooked meals from scratch, I noticed that I maintain my lower weight.

So I think eating clean organic food and eat a low carb diet will help tremendously to lose excess weight. Yes, I believe Organic Food helps a lot to maintain a healthy weight and regain health.


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