This will serve as my first post on My Trending Stories. 

Today, I just want to shortly speak about "You" 

Who is the real you? I posted an uplifting video yesterday on my YouTube channel (Click here if you'd like to watch) about making your dreams, and life goals possible. It's all in the mindset. Whether you're an artist, musician, etc. The essence of this question lays within: 

Are you fulfilled. Are you living out your passion on the daily? 

The true secret to success is...

Yes,  you've probably already guessed it. 

Happiness, simplicity, and dreams.


Money, things, and extravagances.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you reflected on your life. What did you want to be? Who did you want to be? where did you want to go in life? When did you want to do it? How were you going to go about it? Are you seeing a pattern with those KEY words?

Are you on that path now? 

Your futuristic goals are affected by every step, and every decision you make today. 

KEY: Your daily routine determines your success.

I'd like to leave you with this thought for the day.  Are you fulfilling the true YOU?  

©Rare-Ity 7-30-16


Published by Amanda Gordon "Rare-Ity"