Living on a farm we have options with our animals and one great Aussie (Australian) tradition is the sausage sizzle, unlike the old Paul Hogan advert which he "throws another shrimp on the barbie". Which was not only a great campaign it took Australia to the world, he did more for tourism than many other campaigns to follow. It is iconic in that we have the Sydney Opera House in the background and him holding a "shrimp" and a set of tongs to put it onto a hot plate.

As farmers we produce animals that can make sausages i.e. either beef or lamb, all are for gluten  intolerant people. I was once asked if our meat was gluten free and was surprised at the question as it never occurred to me that animals that are grain fed may be considered to have gluten in them. After some thought I  answered yes as our animals are grass-fed so there is no grain they can access to even consume even if they enter the paddocks next door. Our neighbours grow onions or beans so in essence they get a good paleo diet.

Our sausages are lovely and we can sell as many as we can get made, the animals we grow are not excessively fat (from overeating grain and molasses) they graze the pastures we grow and if they need fibre supplementation we use hay grown from the same area and with the same naturally occurring grasses from our district and no grains.

We work closely with a pedal prix team from a city high School Seaview high School we donate sausage to them to cook and sell and put the money back into the development the teams and the students. We have helped raise over $4000 which has now helped them purchase a trailer to carry the cars to the races

This is the teams we are currently supporting and though we didn't have children attend this school, we are proud to be associated with them. The teachers and the parents that volunteer their time outside school hours need as much support as they can to encourage children to be active, be outdoors and to work in teams which can only benefit them as they grow and move into the workforce.

here are some of the hard working parents and students selling our beautiful sausages. If you live in Australia, we are about to launch our new up dated website where you can order our beautiful meat, right now you can head over to blog or hit us up on our face book page






Published by Robyn verrall