Can money buy the Presidential Election in 2016?  Typically in other years, money was the big denominator, but this is a different year and it will take more than money to become the Republican Presidential elect for 21016.

Here’s a rundown on money that each candidate spent in New Hampshire and it looks pretty dismal if Bush believes his Super PAC will be the answer to his floundering Presidential run.   Notice that the three candidates (Bush, Christie & Rubio) that spent the most are what America considers to be the “Insiders.” 

Here are a few problems that the “insiders” are facing. 

Bush has been an advocate of “Common Core” although in his campaign speeches he denies this vehemently.  Jeb Bush Calls Common Core 'Poisonous,' - ThinkProgress

This is a perfect example of an inside politician – he’ll say anything on the campaign trail to buy votes.

Another red flag with Mr. Jeb Bush is his support of amnesty – he’s in “la la” land if he thinks he can sway Conservatives on amnesty.  Like I mentioned these “insiders” will do anything to win.  Bush actually attacked Rubio, another “shaky” supporter of amnesty.  Guess this is what they refer to the pot calling the kettle black.     (VIDEO) UNREAL. Jeb Bush Is Attacking Marco ... - RedState

Jeb Bush has deep pockets due to the Chamber of Commerce, lobbyists, hedge fund managers and the Washington Cartel, but can he really afford to keep paying approximately 1200 per on single vote.  It’s only a matter of time until his donors shrivel up and or even ask for their money to be returned with interest.

Christie bowed out of the race after New Hampshire, but one thing to consider is the fact that Christie might be nabbed for Attorney General.  Christie is tough, knows the laws and Constitution; he’d be a real asset for any of these candidates. 

Rubio is a great orator, brilliant young man but he sold his soul to the devil and he’s owned by the Washington Cartel.  Another big concern is his voting record – according to government data that was collected by GOVTrack.US, Marco was what one could call AWOL.  He missed 197 of 1482 roll call votes.

Breitbart says, Marco Rubio’s Senate Voting Record ‘Much Worse’ Than Other Senators, Says Vote-Tracking Site

This “insider” thinks Americans are either stupid or have a short memory.  If he can’t handle his job as Senator, why would he believe Americans are going to want to give him the nod as their Presidential pick?  FYI – Marco is trying to get people to believe he was on the job 90% of the time.  This is just another lie by an “insider.” 

6 Presidential elects arrived in South Carolina and this will be a “dog fight” deluxe.  It will be interesting to see if Bush can come out the winner in S. Carolina – he not only has the money to take Trump down, he has the support of those who loved his big bros...   News on the streets is George W. will be campaigning for Jeb.

Marco Rubio’s Senate Voting Record ‘Much Worse’ Than Other Senators, Says Vote-Tracking Site

Can money by America’s next President – only time will tell?  The Washington Cartel isn’t going to roll over and hand the Government back to the people if they can help it.  It’s time to “Take Back Our Country (tboca.)  May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Published by Marcia Wood