The honest answer to that question I have is, it depends. It depends on many factors, but the most important one would be your mind and your imagination as in what YOU think it’s possible to achieve and what does extraordinary mean to YOU. And also the intensity of your desire to become extraordinary which will make your imagination come true or not. So I’m not stating that you could or could not become extraordinary, but would you agree that all great, unusual and almost unreal feats in this world that were accomplished by a certain individuals, were a result of their great, unusual and almost unreal ideas, thoughts and ways to achieve those feats? - Take any extraordinary individuals in the history of this entire world, ones that you think of extraordinary, and you’ll notice that behind every one of those individuals always stands a great, unusual and almost unreal idea, thought, desire, plan, way, effort, determination, persistence and time.

Success, growth, any astounding feat and whatever else you can imagine that can be accomplished in this world is therefore nothing more than a product of your imagination and there isn’t any secret behind that. The only question is how intense is your desire to accomplish something you imagined and how willing are you to make sacrifices and make a consistent effort and strive through whatever adversities, challenges and obstacles you may meet along the way to accomplish something you imagined? To put it plainly, how bad do you want it? - So use the questions “What do you want precisely?”, “Why do you want it?”, “How do you want it?” and “When do you want it?”, to propel you to the realization of your imagination and always keep you focused, determined and inspired to accomplish your goals. Have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish and why, educate yourself on that matter so that you know it better than anyone else, figure out a plan on how do you want to do it and how fast do you want to see the results, then decide that you’re going to do it, listen to your instincts, track your progress and put in an equal amount of effort to the intensity of your desire and you are sure to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. How much effort you decide to put in, that much results you will have to show for it. And don’t expect to see the results where you don’t put in the effort.

At the end of the day don’t listen to me neither, besides who am I to tell you how to accomplish your dreams? - But just go out there and find those answers for yourself. Try and imagine something you want to accomplish, decide that you’re going to do it and if you really really want it your desire will make it possible for you to accomplish that. You see, the time will pass either you work to acquire your desire or not, so is it better to make a progress and work everyday towards acquiring the object of your desire and in a few months be a few months closer to acquiring your desire, or to just waste your time by daydreaming about your desire and after a few months still be at the beginning with absolutely no progress to show for?

Most certainly we are all capable of greatness there is no denying that, but it’s what you can imagine, what you truly desire and work really hard for that comes true and becomes real in your life. Just remember that in order to gain something you first have to give something, so give it all you got. Success is a choice and you have that choice right here, right now. So, what do you choose?

Published by Sunny White