Hey guys!

I just wanted to share this picture with you that I took yesterday. 

Initially I was going to go shopping and spend a chill day in town with my boyfriend...and then we came across this amazing view. It's just a random bridge in the middle of a random city, but if you take a closer look, it is a symbol for love.

I have seen some of these bridges as I have been travelling through quite a few big cities during the last couple of years, but everytime I come across one of them I take the time to read the names on the locks. I take a closer look at all the different colours that someone out there has chosen for their very own symbol of love. I admire how some couples engrave their names, their marriage date and even their love story into the lock. And I love it.

The world seems like such a cruel place sometimes, but there are actually a few places in this world where it becomes clear how much love was felt there. I keep thinking about how someone was so in love with another person that they wanted to place a little colourful lock on this bridge as a symbol for their neverending love. I love imagining how many couples keep their love lock as a beloved memory of a random bridge they found on a journey that eventually became their personal symbol of love.

These places are full of positive energy and carry a unique romantic atmosphere...but only if you think about it twice, because at first sight it's only a random bridge in the middle of a random city.



Have you seen such a bridge before? Tell us where! Comment the city down below!

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