Can you imagine a world were there's no such thing as evil? 

Can you imagine a place were there's nothing but kindness? 

Well.. I'm sorry for breaking it to you, but I can't. 

Yeah, you probably think I'm a total bitch or someone who's mean with people all the time.. I'm not. But I'm not a saint either. No one is. Everyone has suffered, felt pain, have been bullied, have been treated wrong at work or at home. No one is safe. I bet that there's a 50% chance that someone reading right now is a bully but also has been bullied. 

I'm not here to tell you what you can or cannot do, that would be pretty confident from myself to try. But I'm just here to tell you a story. 

Imagine a girl, any kind of girl, talk, skinny, curly or straight hair, ugly or perfect teeth, doesn't matter. Imagine her with a friend. She feels comfortable around her, they tell everything to each other and enjoy their company like no other couple of friends in the world, or at least that's what they think. Picture them in a mall, a coffee shop maybe, talking about their lives and telling each other's secrets. Suddenly a girl walks by. Picture her as you wish as well. They start talking about that girl( let's call her girl b just so you guys can identify her) that just walked by and laugh at her face. They're not being mean, they're having a great time, why bother about someone else's feelings right? At that same time, imagine yourself as girl b. How would you feel? Of course she felt awful, probably she came to her home wondering what did she do wrong for those girls to say mean things about her, they don't even know her, why would they? Now I want you to put in the other girl's place. The one that was with her friend. Would would've cared about that girl? Of course not, I mean, you're just having a good time, you laugh because that's not you and it's actually easier to make fun of other else's imperfections than your own, so you rather cover that up with a good laugh. Now, picture that same girl at the movie theater. This time she's alone, waiting for her parents to pick her up. Suddenly a couple of girls walk by. She nervously tucks her hair back and they start laughing. She's confused, she doesn't know what she did wrong, she's just lonely and feels left out. And the cycle goes on and on. Sometimes people do things just because they feel the power to do them, but when it comes the other way around it doesn't feel so great. Some people even do that to others just to payback from others that made fun of them in the past. 

And know a little review. I bet that in the beginning of the story, when I told you to imagine a girl and her friend making fun of girl b you imagine the couple of girls prettier than the one they were making fun of. But you know what? Maybe it was the other way around. There's no such thing as a world bullying free. That's just part of us. And most of the times that makes us stronger! 

Now, I'm just gonna tell you something. Treat others the way you want to be treated. It may sound as a cliche but honestly, I bet you don't wanna be girl b at the coffee shop or the girl lonely at the movies. Just remember that at some point that's going to happen to you, and it won't be so great we may not be able to create a world without evil, but we can start with ourselves, and if things like this still happen to you, smile at them, that always confuse them and remember, it's gonna happen to them too, so why bother right? 

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