What impresses God? I know there is a lot of different answers to that one question, but in reality, there is only one right answer. 


If you where to ask a minister of the gospel what impresses God you could perhaps hear him say "how many I have won for Christ". If you where to ask a layperson the same question, you could perhaps hear him say "how much I give to the church, how often I go to meetings, how much I have read my bible, how many I have witnessed to lately". All of the above answers are in fact dead wrong, God is not impressed by your the size of your church, how many you have witnessed to, how long you read your bible or how much you pray. None of these things can impress God, and none of these things can persuade God to do anything. 


The fact of the matter is this, we cant impress God and nothing we can do gets God to move on our behalf. We can fast until we die of hunger, we can pray, decree and rebuke until we have lost our voice, we can give all our money away to the Kingdom and we can memorize the Bible word for word. Nothing, absolutely nothing impresses God and makes Him move on our behalf. 


Yes I know, this is not what you have been taught by most preachers today. You have been taught to fast if you need a breakthrough, give your way out of debt, sanctify yourself by reading your bible and spending time with God in prayer or give a large offering for the salvation of unsaved loved ones or for a healing. If you fast for a breakthrough, try to give your way out of debt, read your bible or pray to be sanctified, or give a large offering for a healing or the salvation of loved ones, you are in fact practicing law and not grace. (Romans 14:23) If you live by law and not grace you have stopped and frustrated the Holy Spirit in your life (Galatians 2:21, Rom 8:1-11). 


If it is not of faith in the blood of Jesus it is a sin (Romans 14:23). The only thing God will accept, the only thing God will respond to is faith in the blood of Jesus (Romans 3:22). But from such a faith will come a desire to read your bible, pray, go to church, witness and walk in your calling.


So how do we determine if our works are fruit of righteous faith or just cursed works? Look at your motive for doing it. Are you doing those things because you believe it can make God move on your behalf? If that is your motive you are caught in works which frustrates the Holy Spirit. (Gal 2:21). Are you doing those things because you are saved and you believe Jesus died for your sins? If that is your motive you are living under grace and not under law. 


This can be difficult to understand, so let me try to say it another way. What is your main focus in life? If it is the blood of Jesus, your salvation and gratitude for being saved, the desire to read the bible, pray, witness, go to church will come naturally. The desire to support the work of God financially will come naturally, and you will never feel like doing any of these things to get God to move on your behalf. You are doing these things because you love Jesus, the one who died for you and saved you. And because of such a faith, God WILL move in your life. 


Never because of something you have done, but because of your faith in what Jesus already did for you. 


Where is your faith dear reader? Make sure it is in your salvation, the blood of Jesus Christ. 

Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com