I know I constantly talk about how I'm perceived as a young person or that I supposedly dont actually know what I'm talking about but I'm going to throw out what happened yesterday. So I was trying to explain to this guy that the door will be watched during TDoR and that the service is a public service for everyone to mourn the lives of trans people we have lost and his friend went up to him and went "Its OK, why don't you talk to someone higher up?" I honestly getting sick to death with people thinking that I must not be in charge or assistanting anything purely based on my appearance. This guy thought I honestly knew nothing. Even when I told him that the service wasn't just for (insert group) but has trans people and groups from all over Sussex, so no I wouldn't know who was trans from who wasn't. I still apparently do not know what I'm talking about. I didn't chew they guy out purely because it was a memorial service. Hell I was already pissed off before I got through the door but that's an entirely different reason that sadly I'm still unable to talk about publicly on here. Yes I have pink hair, yes I have tattoos and yes I don't exactly look like the biggest man in the world, but fucking hell can please people just stop belittling me please. Its not the first time it happens. It is pretty much a daily occurance and until I tell people that I'm nearly 30 years old I don't get listened to. I honestly pity young people today because I can see how they get treated. They get told constantly that they do not know what they are doing or even understand what life is about. I get frustrated that I don't get taken seriously, even with my doctors appointments and I see my partner see the same people and they are respected. I will get overlooked constantly and to be honest I'm just tired of having to put in twice as much effort in to get noticed then most people. Basically I'm just so frustrated about this whole view of that its OK to be who you want to be, providing you don't look any different from everyone else.

Published by Tyler Austen