In a sea of all the amusing activities you can do these days, visiting a casino is still one of the top 10. Indeed, there is no person who wouldn’t like to at least enter a casino once in their life.

Some casino lovers claim that certain tips and tricks can help you win big sums of money. Others believe that no matter what you do, the house is always one step ahead.

Since technology is moving forward as we speak, we are seeing some new types of casinos, most often online. Another novelty is the use of cryptocurrencies. A lot of people who are into experimenting tried to play bitcoin baccarat and have provided us with positive feedback.

Today, we will be talking about land-based old-fashioned casinos and reviewing some of the tactics people swear by. Take a look at what we’ve found.

Counting Cards

There is a belief that circulates the world, claiming that counting cards is illegal. You might find it strange when you hear that this is not true.

However, that doesn’t mean casinos will notice a card counter and let them do it. They do not appreciate this and will most likely ban you from their casino if they catch you doing it. But if you can count cards without being caught, you should give it a try. 

Counting cards is done by adding value to specific cards you can see. Instead of memorizing all the cards, the player only needs to take care of the sum of the values he assigned to the cards and bet accordingly. Important things to know are that different cards have different values, as well as the fact that low cards work for the dealer while high cards work for you.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are considered games of luck. In land-based casinos, the most famous trick to win some money is to take it slow.

Enter a casino, grab a drink and observe the environment for some time. Pay attention to slot machines being used already. Follow the amount of money other people are putting in. Keep an eye on them, remember how many times they’ve won, and try to keep track.

The most commonly used trick with slot machines is to keep feeding them with money until they explode and give it all back to you. But you cannot achieve that all by yourself. Be patient and wait for someone to give up on a particular machine. Then take over and you should have your pockets full in no time. 

It is also important to be aware of the amount of money the player before you put in. The higher the amount, the faster the results will be.


One of the oldest casino games that will probably remain popular forever is roulette. There are different strategies you can use in this game, but before we dive into that, let’s go over the basics.

First, find out what the minimum and maximum bets are, and consult your wallet to see how many spins you can afford. Be patient. In the beginning, you just need to observe. Try to remember the most frequent outcome of the spins.

It would be great if you could practice before you actually start playing in a casino. You can do that online for free and familiarize yourself with the game.

The roulette table is a chart made out of 36 numbers that can be black or red. You can bet on a certain number, red/black color, odd/even number, or choose one of many combinations invented to improve your odds.

Now when you know the basics, you can try to apply some strategies. The most common one is called the Martingale Strategy. It is based on doubling your bet after every loss. Contrary to this one, there is the Reverse Martingale that recommends the absolute opposite — doubling your bet after every win. 

For those who like to play it safe, there is the D’Alembert Strategy that says you should decrease and increase bets gradually. According to this strategy, you need to decrease your bet when you’re winning and increase it when you’re losing. Bear in mind that no strategy guarantees a 100% win.

To finish this story, we need to mention that all these games are called games of chance for a reason. Think about it, if there were proven ways to beat the casino, people would start using them long ago, and eventually, all casinos in the world would go bankrupt. Since they all still exist and even more are being built, that should tell you enough.


Published by Mohaned Gadnne