Life is not always only about laugh and fun. Sometimes it gives us very bitter lessons to learn and throws only bigger and bigger roadblocks in. I've been through some difficult times myself and I learnt a lot from them. And to be honest, the first thing I realized was in fact to stay positive no matter what. Adding up worries after worries won't bring you anything good and will just take away a good night sleep, give you a lot of stress and disturb you clear vision on things. 

How can you stay positive when everything goes negative then?

While it's not easy to be positive the entire time, there are some techniques you can apply into your life to change your mindset and get more positive outlook on things. It's working with me so why don't you give it a try?

Here's a list of things I do to keep myself on track.


1. Do not ovethink and overanalyze things.

This one is difficult, especially that our brains "love" making up various scenarios and complicate everything. I’m like this. I used to love to think the things over and over again and in the end I was left totally depressed because nothing seemed to be right. However, I learned to control my thoughts and whenever I start overanalyzing things and getting negative perspective I simply get occupied with something, turn on music and focus all my attention on this particular activity. I very often meditate, it really helps as well. You take your time to get the right attitude towards things and to clear your mind of negative thoughts. The key is to learn to be able to recognize the moment in which our brains go in this dangerous direction of losing track of what is really happening. 


2. Keep yourself busy!

Yes, that's correct. Boredom doesn't help you stay positive. Rather, it puts you in a "stand by" mode, makes you feel lazy and sort of disinterested. When things are happening and there are visible results of our work and effort, the satisfaction comes straight away. And with satisfaction, positive attitude of course! 


3. Practice sports

Personally, I fell in love with yoga. But any kind of sport here is welcome. It has been scientifically proven that physical activity helps our bodies produce more serotonin, the happiness hormone. Other benefits of exercising include lower risk of getting different type of illnesses, turning back the clock, reducing stress level in our bodies, and the list goes on...


4. Notice small wonders of nature and life

When you go for a walk, do you usually notice how beautifully leaves dance on tree branches? How smiley the daffodils in a neighbors’ backyard are? Or maybe how funny the cat is playing with a stone on the street? Look around; there are plenty of things to smile upon.


5. Stop frowning

Instead, smile. It has also been scientifically proven that frowning restricts blood supply which can leave us feeling bad or depressed. Smiling, on the other hand, increases blood flow and triggers the production of "happy" brain chemicals. 


Those are just 5 tips from me. I am pretty sure, there are much more techniques that help staying positive and keeping the optimistic eye on things.

All in all, it's just life and we won’t get alive out of it. That's for sure! 

Published by Lucja Wisniewska