Finally out of my writers block and the first thing I think of writing about is, the types of crushes we all encounter or will at some point in life.


Oh’ crush, how I loathe the power thou have to sometimes maketh me the most happiest lady or just plain crush my soul.

So keeping aside my drama read on to see my take on : Types of crushes

Celebrity mania –

There always will be a time you fall head over heels over some celebrity, it’s gonna be a never ending cycle. Don’t fight it, just enjoy the madness at the moment and then laugh and cry at how you both will never meet and find out how about the undying love you both shared for each other!  So create all the weird scenarios in your head all day and night long and maybe you’ll have something to laugh about later on. Personally I’m having a celebrity crush on Zac Effron, his body OMG and let’s not forget those beautiful eyes and the smizing he does all the time, it definitely gets me😉


Fairytale story – 

So you set your eyes on the most desirable candidate and in your mind your so sure that this guy/girl is “the one” without a doubt. You’re so confident this one’s going to act out differently than the rest of the crushes that you’ve already started doodling their names on  your notebook and imagining scenarios of how your friends would react to it, or how your dates would go on to be like. Basically you start to catch feelings for someone you don’t even know personally enough or at all for the most part of it. It’s happened millions of times before and it’s pretty natural and common, my advice don’t keep your head too much in the clouds. Keep one foot firmly based on reality and rest assured you won’t turn into a psychopathic creep.


Forbidden apple – 

Frankly all kinds of crushes literally crush your soul and eat you out alive while also on the same hand gives you a beautiful feeling, but this kind of crush is really sucky though. This love is like the forbidden apple you want to have it so bad, but you just can’t risk it because it ain’t normal to have hidden feelings for your brothers girlfriend or your best friends boyfriend ! It’s so awkward because theses people are off limits, theses crushes are toxic and have the potential to cut loose some of the most important relationships in your life. Try your very best to tread lightly and stifle those hormones because any bold moves made when your drunk could make you a serious villain in your “life story”.

Puppy love – 

This kind of crush is when you get butterflies in your stomach over some one much older  to you. Please don’t start off with how gross that is, first off everyone does experience it at some point, and secondly age doesn’t matter, at least not when your “Blindly” in love. some common examples could be your teachers, boss at work or even your elder siblings friends. You find them appealing mainly because of their sense of maturity and command that they have over their lives. This won’t last long like any other crush and will end at some point so don’t think yourself as a freak for feeling this way, blame it on your hormones their freaking weird, but in a good way (no offense)

Hello Stranger😉 – 

The most superficial kinds of crush are those where you fall for every hot guy/girl passing by you, it happens to me every minute. My eyes are like these rotating cameras with amazing quality to be honest, not to creep anyone out but to be truthful I’m just appreciating God’s beautiful creations here now, no crime in that is there? It’s one of my favorite kind of crushes because you don’t really have enough time to harbor irreversible feelings for that crush, you just see that person, acknowledge his/her good looks and dressing sense, smile and other physical features and then move on. No biggie, no hearts broken. You only leave satisfied at being being able to spot such a beauty.

Forever in love – 

This is one of the most genuine kinds of crushes, you really fall for that person because of what they are deep inside and not because they look fab or they’re famous, you just love them for being themselves.This is a hard one to crack as well, because sometimes your crush might not be seeing the same dream as you and doesn’t have any secret feelings like you for them, do not be disheartened and respect their decision.

This turned out to be a LOL moment for me as it revived some of my forgotten crush’s back  to the surface of the brain.

Comment below on your celebrity crush, I’d love to possibly stalk them as well ;) Also if you have anything else to add to the list comment down below!

All my love,


Published by Kathy Tavares