Growing up, I was really curious and inquisitive. I was about 7-years old when I asked my mom, why couldn’t I just throw my candy wrapper beside the road. Besides, it’s just one and it’s small; others wouldn’t bother anyway.

“Yes, it’s small.”, she replied. “But there are other people thinking the same as you are. Add those little candy wrappers, that’s where the clogging of canal starts. Put it in your pocket, and throw it properly in the garbage bin.”, she added.

That was my first light bulb moment, and a value I would not dare forget.

14 years passed (present time), my little brother insists  I told him the story a thousand times. I wouldn’t mind, for this does not only apply on the candy wrappers, but for daily decisions as well. Why do it if it’ll worsen the place we are living in?

Ripple effect, but my 7-year old self understood it because of the candy wrapper story.

Thanks, mom!

Published by Regine Faundo