Growing up, my Baba (grandfather in Swahili) taught me what a man is and how he's supposed to treat me. I swear the man he was prepping me for doesn't exist. I was taught a woman should take care of home, cook, clean and take care of kids. She should always be her husband's backbone and together they'll accomplish anything, and she shouldn't have to worry about her husband degrading her and trying to beat her down worse than the society she lives in. 

My Baba taught me a man should go to work and provide for his family. As long as the man's in the picture, a family shouldn't want nor need for anything. A son's role model and a daughter's first relationship involving a man is with their father. I'm starting to understand the importance of choosing who you allow to father your children wisely. You should want a honest man fathering your children, someone worthy enough of being looked up to. Not everyone deserves to be a father. 

I watched, (still watch actually), my Baba go to work everyday to support his wife, their kids, his grandkids and anyone who needs help. My Baba still til this day pulls my seat out and opens every door for me. Nowadays i'm the one opening doors for dates to show them, THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO. I know plenty of men who feel it's a woman's job to provide for the family and them too. The father of my children feel it's okay to be poor and struggle when having kids. Who's raising these boys nowadays? This is why I don't date boys my age, but being impregnated by an older boy with the mindset of a 15 year old makes me want to give up on men altogether. I promise if I have boys they'll be better than the rest. 

Published by ShylahBoss Lee