by Harkhuf Tehuti

Ah yes, the famous quote from Rodney King!  You remember him don’t you?  He was a taxi cab driver beaten by police which sparked the  1992 Los Angeles riots  Even after he’d been beaten within an inch of his life it seemed as if he still had the mind and heart to call for peace.  
        His now famous quote has been used as a sound bite in media for several years now including this article you’re reading at the moment.  The reason for his quote being used as the title of this article is because one beautiful early Saturday my door bell chimed and I opened it to find two Jehovah’s witnesses standing before me!  

Now the first instinct, like many people’s, was to just say ‘thanks but no thanks.’ but something came over me.  NO, not the holy ghost!  I had an epiphany!  

Here stood two people who got up early on a Saturday, A SATURDAY NOW; to come to my door, risk the chance of me being rude and just plain closing the door in their face, getting into a religious argument and I could go on and on, AND FOR WHAT!

I’ll tell ya what for!  For a chance to do what they felt was their true life’s calling!  Most people i’ve ever met haven’t even thought about what their true purpose in life is!  These two people who stood in front of my door had purpose and  good hearts!  

So many of us take each other for granted.  How often do we really appreciate kindness from others?
How often do we even recognize kindness from other?  Mostly what i’ve seen in my lifetime are people arguing over religious differences!
       Even people of the same faith argue because they’re of a different sect of that religion, which to me is absolutely ridiculous unless the religion has some flaw or contradiction, Then I can see why, (Things that make ya go hmmm!)  

But this isn’t about religion exclusively.  People argue over just about every thing under and above the sun, LITERALLY!  People are arguing over wether or not THE EARTH IS FLAT…, no kidding!  This is about how so many human beings all over cannot see the simplicity in just getting along!  We let our ego get in the way of appreciating another person's heart!  That's what happened to me, that's the epiphany I had, to really appreciate someone who I barely know!  The two Jehovah's witnesses wanted to come by sometime and go over their books to which I declined.  They wanted to know what I thought of the pamplet they gave me after I'd already expressed my opinions.  What I was able to do was relate the knowledge in my head with their belief system, find a common ground and have a very good conversation.  The purpose of this article is not to get people to spend time talking to everyone who wants to talk about what they believe in.  We all know the ignorant types who can't be reasoned with, the type who like to hear themselves talk!  Instead, it is to help all realize that we should never dismiss others simply because we were taught or raised around narrow mindedness but should find common ground and before being tempted to argue ask ourselves… 

 -Rodney Glen King III
April 2, 1965 - June 17, 2012  
(Rodney King quote and story from Wikipedia.)

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