Ciao bellas! It’s finally time to share my amazing trip to Capri, Italythis was also my first time ever in Europe and experiencing my first major time difference. We traveled in May 2016 and the forecast was cloudy skies, occasional rain, and freezing temperatures (that would be my Floridian nature thinking 60°F is too cold). The entire trip to Capri lasted about a week. So without further ado, here is {part one of} my trip to Italy!

For starters, we were all pretty stoked for our flight. We flew out of Tampa, into JFK in New York, across the Atlantic to Paris, and a quick flight to Naples… or so we thought. Everything was going smooth… for about every airport we went to we were able to make it into a lounge to get some snacks or cocktails. The Delta Sky Lounge in Tampa offered this chicken curry soup that was to die for. Once we got to New York and made it through international customs, we boarded the plane we were looking forward to most- an airbus from Air France. We flew in first class so everything was perfect from the champagne and food, to the kit with all your needs for bed and the seats that converted into sleepers. Unfortunately we took off an hour late from NY, which along with the size of the airport in Paris caused us to miss our flight. From there we had to start from scratch to find new flights to get us to Naples.

After endless hours of waiting in airports and flying, we finally made it on a hydrofoil water taxi to take us to the island of Capri. At that rate we had flown for over 24 hours so we grabbed a bite to eat and decided it was best to get some rest.

Once we caught up on our rest, it was time to wake up and realize where we were! We stayed at the 5-star Capri Palace Hotel & Spa and wow, this place just takes your breath away. My sister and I got our own luxurious room at the end of the hallway that had a huge wrap around balcony. The hotel is located right in the center of all places to see on our part of the island. Needless to say, we had it good. Breakfast was a complimentary buffet that was held downstairs in their restaurant. This wasn’t just some continental breakfast… we’re talking fresh meats, cheeses, fruits, pastries, juices, anything you can think of! Unfortunately, this wasn’t the center of my attention since I’m not a breakfast gal and I was sick.

We spent the day exploring the area around us, finding things to do and places to see. Lunch time we got a hotel cab and headed to the Restaurant il Riccio which is one of their restaurants off property. Since my stomach was still off, I ordered a linguine dish with zucchini in an olive oil base. After we got back from lunch, we walked around some more and discovered this beautiful area that overlooked the island (pictured bottom right). We visited this area multiple times during our trip, so you’ll see this special spot a few more times!

My dad had some work to do in the room during all this exploring, so we decided to do happy hour in Capri! We found a hotel called Meliã Villa Capri with a tiny restaurant that featured a happy hour special. We paid for a few glasses of prosecco and received complimentary plates of appetizers… so much fun!

After happy hour, our day ended with dinner at a local mom and pop pizza place! It’s called Ristorante Barbarossa. This place was so good… For starters, I had my FIRST ITALIAN PIZZA and we all got a free limoncello shot after dinner (oh, and if you didn’t know, lemons are a huge deal in that part of Italy… lemon chocolate, limoncello, and ceramic lemon stuff).


This was one of my favorite days in Italy! We ate lunch at a popular snack bar across the street and I had a sandwich with a popular Italian beer- Birra Moretti. The sandwich wasn’t perfect, but it satisfied my appetite! After lunch I ate ITALIAN GELATO, WOO HOO! I was so excited for gelato. It was delish… From there we made our way down Via Axel Munthe to the Villa San Michele Museum. The museum was located right above the beautiful place we discovered the day before, leaving us with at breathtaking view of the island once again.

After the museum, I got to ride on one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island: the chairlift from Piazza Vittoria. The view from above is out of this world! The ride was a little scary and the chairlift didn’t seem too safe, but in the end it was all worth it. The chairlift took you to an area on top of the Mount Solaro with amazing views and a shop with food & drinks.

The grand finale to this wonderful day ended at a restaurant on a property that produced their own wine. The restaurant is called Ristorante Da Gelsomina. We got there at sunset and the views were out of this world – see below. For dinner I ordered their ravioli that they insisted was the best on the island. My family also got a side of parmesan potato wedges which were so good. Overall, it was a wonderful day with great adventures, delicious food, and perfect weather!

That’s all for the first part of my trip! Stay tuned for part two~~ A Risentirci  ;)


Published by Jackie Mangar