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When I hear you talking about her, it perplexes me, because I love you

More than I can say, but the kind of love you carry within yourself for

Her makes me shiver, flesh and bones, and I cannot help but shudder

When you talk to me about her like she was not a person like you and I,

But just a mere object of your love, but that couldn't be, could it?

And yet it might as well be, because it occurred to me all of a sudden

That you just want to capture a mermaid, and oh, you love her alright,

And you look at her like she's the center of your universe, and I have no

Doubt that she is, but your aim is to capture her and show to the world

How could do it, and I know that there is no malice in your soul, not

When it comes to her, not when it comes to anything else, and that's what

Sets me off more than I can say, because you feel it is right to want to

Capture her as if she were the mermaid of the swelling waters, who was

Drowning in her misery, perhaps in her own tears, and as if she dove out

Of the her despair only to be drowned again in your embrace,

As if she were seeking immortality, and couldn’t find it without your love,

And bewitched by her, body and soul, you wanted to give it to her, and

Then capture the mermaid who owed you her life, but don't you see?

She is not a mermaid, and you can't, nor should you want to, capture her,

And you cannot give her immortality, nor anything else that you think

Only your love could give her, and she would never owe you a thing,

Especially not your love, and not her life, and you see, I can no more

Love you if you can't love her without wanting to capture her.


(As one of the folklore about mermaids goes, on being captured by men mermaids were driven out of their despair because they were granted immortality on being thus captured.)

Published by Mahima Kapoor