Scarlet and Tella live a very repressed life with their domineering Father. As children the sister's Grandmother told them wonderful stories about the magical Caraval. After years of writing to Legend; the mast of Caraval, Scarlet finally received a reply as well as 3 tickets to this years Caraval. Upon arriving at Caraval, Scarlet realises nothing is what it seems and no one can be trusted. Scarlet must trust herself and her instincts, while following clues and unearthing mysteries in order to win the game and find her sister Tella.

I Love Love Loved this book.

Stephanie Garber's writing is absolutely beautiful. It is clear and easy to understand and her cinematic descriptions are breathtaking.

While reading this book you really feel like you are on the journey with Scarlet. The world of Caraval is perfectly described and well thought out. The concept of this book; the blurred lines between fantasy and reality is really strong and constantly builds throughout the book.

As a reader you are experiencing Caraval the same way Scarlet is, you have little to no understanding of what's real and what isn't. The story is so well written, that as a reader it is really easy to get lost in Caraval.

The characters of Scarlet and Tella are polar opposite sisters. As both an older and younger sister I was able to relate to both or their characters and their sisterly dynamic. The relationship between Scarlet and Tella was so authentic and beautiful. I loved the fact that the love or this book was sisterly and not romantic.

Stephanie Garber's did a fantastic job with the characters of this book. Each character was strongly defined and had a well-developed storyline.

The feel of this book was so weirdly awesome. It was dark and mysterious yet still fun and whimsical.

For a debut Author Stephanie Garber has created a truly atmospheric story. Caraval is almost an interactive experience, with clubs and puzzles to delve into and amazing characters to fall in love with.

Caraval by Stephanie Garber is a must read.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker