They called her Caroline.

Her lips were always red

but from blood or lipstick

no one could tell


her heels always sharply clicked

down the stone-cold road

near where she slept.


I saw her walk by one

stormy fall day.

She waved at me and

continued on her way.

But as for me, I couldn’t help but wonder

Oh Caroline, who’s stolen your thunder?

You were once better than them all.

They would use to fall to make you smile,

now you fall at their feet as they

walk down the isle.

Caroline, I don’t understand.

You were a queen.

A goddess among us all.

Now, you sit in the gutter

while everyone closes their shutter,

not even bothering to spare you a glance.

They’ve forgotten about you.


And Caroline,

I don’t know.

Because I am now,

where you once were.


Will I too end up like you?

In overcrowded clubs,

In dingy pubs,

Chugging down alcohol like it’s your lifeline?

Will I too,

walk around with hazy eyes and wobbly legs?

Will I too eventually fall from grace?

After all, that’s what happened to you.


Straight A’s on your report card

turned into A’s on the attendance sheet.

Parents who were once proud, are now ashamed.

And a sport captain lost all of her fame.

Big ambitions turned into shaky thoughts,

trying to decide the line between real or not.


And honestly, I shouldn’t be so worried,

but the fact is that it’s already happening.

Published by Yen Hoang