I have always loved watching cartoons, and I still do watch them. Although I have to fight with my kids on which cartoons to watch, as their taste is totally different than mine - generation gap....LOL

However, there is one thing which we never fight about and that is to make cartoon caricature of each other. So when I was looking for best apps to do so, I stumbled upon this article by my friend Aashirvaad Kumar. Sharing it, because I know you will like it too.

A little excerpt from his blog - "Caricature generator apps are the easiest methods for making the cartoon yourself or creating an avatar yourself. If you have the question like, how to create cartoon me for free then here is the answer to the list of best cartoon yourself apps or caricature maker apps. If you are photoshop expert then you can change your photo into the cartoon photo. But using these applications you don’t need any extra knowledge for making cartoon yourself."

Read his full article by clicking here to know about List of "Cartoon Yourself Free With Caricature Maker Apps". 

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Published by Jyoti Singh