We all know that first impression always last. When you are in the courtroom either you’re the convicted, defendant, or the witness, you have to make sure that you try your best way in impressing everyone.


That said, impressing everyone doesn’t mean you get everybody’s attention. You have to bear in mind that as the stars of the case or trial, your little acts and the way you look is noticed.


So, what makes a good impression when you are inside the courtroom? Here are the tips you may follow to help you get the right courtroom demeanor. These tips will also aid an influence on every juror and judge involved in your case.


Be Clean

In any given situation, cleanliness is always essential. Remember that nothing in the world is as offensive than having a bad odor or looking untidy. It creates a wrong impression to anyone and might generate an idea for the jurors and judges that you are not serious treating your case.

Avoid Eccentric Styles

Some study shows that juries, judges, and attorneys are affected by the way how you dress inside the courtroom. You have to avoid colorful patterns, dark browns, and populated or flashy cloth patterns.


So, for men, you may wear a grey jacket or plain blue shirt. You may also wear a white shirt paired with gray jeans. Even for women, it’s essential that you wear clothes that are simple. You must avoid wearing red or pink.

Work An Elastic Voice

When you wake in the morning, try to work on your tone of voice and make it elastic. Remember that you have to speak as loud and confident as you can when you’re inside the witness stand. You have to modify your pitch and talk with the right volume.


Furthermore, make sure that once you speak out, the sound between you and listeners should not be too soft or too loud. Take note that too soft voices associated with nervousness and too loud voices denote arrogance and guilt.

Avoid Too Much Movement

We all know that most of our communication will be understood by accompanying body language. Based on scientific research, the movement of your body reveals your right attitude against a particular place, situation, or person.


So, make sure that you move depending on what you say and do not imitate someone while on the witness stand. These tactics won’t help convince the judges and the jury. Make sure to stay in one place and do not overreact.

Avoid Being Argumentative

Bear in mind that whatever you say in the witness stand must on the record and subject to examination. Once the judge or jury notices that you’re too contentious, you lost your chance of winning and creates an adverse effect on your case.


That said, you only have to respond to what's duly asked. Do not argue with the judge or the lawyer. Always respect them no matter what question they throw to you.

Admit the Obvious and Answer Truthfully

The best way to get out of trouble must be admitting what’s obvious. Once a questioner asks you something, and it’s right, own it. Do not pretend as if you don’t know anything because your chance of winning the case might get blurry.


In the same manner, telling lies may not help you. According to some law experts like the ones found in http://www.attorneysondemand.net/ every lawyer has its technique of finding out the accuracy of every statement you speak inside the courtroom.


So, always “Say the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the only truth.”  It will help you go out of the woods and help you accomplish your claim quickly.


Ideally, when it comes to courtroom manners, you have to work on presenting yourself excellently. You are the star once you sit in the witness stand and whatever you say or do will be recorded and has a meaning to everyone involved in the proceedings.


Thus, once you’re involved in a crime and get investigated in the court, make sure to maintain a clean appearance, wear plain and presentable clothes, speak calmly, avoid arguments, and respond rightfully. In this way, your chance of getting a right premonition of winning your case will be effortless.


Published by Zachary McGavin