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When winds come and tear down our walls and floods wash away the earth beneath our feet, we too will fall or float away if we are not rooted and anchored in our faith.  Hope springs from faith and faith in God brings forth the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  Therefore my faith is anchored in the Lord.  He, who the world calls unknown, imagination, mythological and fiction.  Why do I put my faith in the unknown?

When the winds blew, the earth shook and the waters washed the earth from beneath my feet, there was nothing left but the unknown.  I was lost in the world. I cried out but the world did not answer.  But as I was sinking, the unknown sought me out.  He pulled me up and set my feet on solid ground.  He stayed with me, fed me and strengthened me.  I had never felt so safe and loved.  So, I stayed with the unknown and got to know Him.  He became everything to me. 

 He taught me about His Son whom He sent to die for my sins and teach me how to conquer the sinfulness of the world so that I may live in His Kingdom.  He placed His hand upon my heart to give me a gift.  I felt everything that He is and had been to me run through me. He told me that the gift of His Spirit would always be with me.  He sought me out, so that I could come to know Him.  Why, I asked Him? And He answered, because You are mine.




Douglas Miller, "My Soul Has Been Anchored in the Lord"


Published by Mishael T