India is a country that offers a variety of cuisines and flavors. Food enthusiasts travel places to relish this authentic taste. While a lot of people enjoy doing this and are equipped with the resources, there are some who miss out gaining such experiences.

The concept of food chains in India caters to such people or to people looking for the casual dining experience. Several people make these joints a ‘go-to’ place for small celebrations while others visit them to satiate their taste buds.

Whatever be the occasion, there are several memories associated when the family sits together after a hectic week to binge on to some of their favorite delicacies. The delight is the taste that continues to stay the same for years, and you can never go wrong with your choice. All the food chains maintain the quality of production and the ingredients used to prepare the dishes.

Although, casual dining options are light on the pocket, who wouldn’t mind some additional savings?

Sodexo Meal Card is the ideal solution that makes every dining experience light on the pocket, be it an outing with friends, lunch with colleagues or just ordering for food you love.

Let’s see how this digital meal card works.

These digital meal cards are valid across a gigantic merchant network that includes famous brands like KFC, Dominos, McDonald’s etc. The card is available in two variants - i.e. Cafeteria Pass and Meal Pass. Employees are issued with these cards from the organization they are working for, in collaboration with Sodexo. The Cafeteria Pass is applicable only in the cafeteria of the corporate office, whereas, the Meal Pass can be used across different partner outlets. The employee can use the respective card at the desired and applicable food joints and enjoy Sodexo benefits.

Here are some ways how Sodexo makes dining light on the pocket and comes out like an effective solution - anytime, everywhere.

  • Save tax by getting a portion of your salary as Meal Allowance on the Sodexo Card

  • Choose from a wide range of food chains, accepted at 10,00,000+ touchpoints across India

  • Presence in 1,500+ cities

  • As safe and fast as doing a cashless transaction using a credit or debit card

Sodexo Meal Card is powered by Zeta. It is a re-loadable prepaid card that can be used at partner outlets. These cards are applicable to the purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages only. The employer must provide the official email address to Sodexo to activate the card online. To activate the card, you need to follow the below process:

  • Activate your card online by visiting the card activation portal

  • Enter the official registered email address

  • Enter the 12 digit-card reference number

  • Enter captcha details

  • Click on Get Activation Code

  • Enter the Activation Code that you have received via email

  • Click on Activate Card

Now that you know the hack to simple and budget-friendly dining, it’s time for you to go digital in your transactions and save tax up to Rs. 12,000/- every year.

Published by Marko Clark