I've been thinking of a gathering of the 'crazy ones'. Hey! I'm not planning on starting a psychiatric home. The 'crazy ones' are young people who are bold enough to think they can change the world. They do not respect status quo and are very much ready to walk miles and climb mountains just to contribute to their society positively.

If you were the one, what would you call a gathering of the 'crazy ones'? CATALYTIC ASSEMBLY? Oh yeah! That's it!

One of the greatest mistake the society can make is underestimating the abilities of the youth, for indeed, they can do and undo.

They call us LEADERS OF TOMORROW; but we are not. Tomorrow never comes! Leadership starts today. Ironically, those who enjoyed the past are, at present, deciders of what happens to the present. And their decision is the opposite of what they enjoyed. No wonder some are advocating for a future that looks like the past, for indeed, the past was great.

Now that the generation that had it all has failed us, what’s next?

At CASS, which will become an annual event of Passion for Positive Change (PPC), we will discuss leadership, governance, social responsibility, entrepreneurship among other key areas. And more one thing, it's exclusive, the youth only!

Think. Dream. And act big!
Theme: Building a Legacy

Published by Adeyemi A. Adeola