Oprah Winfrey once said:  "The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams."  Who agrees? I certainly do!

They say every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and make them come true. Is it that easy? If you've heard about the "law of attraction", you know that what you really want will manifest in your life - you just need to stay focused and under no circumstances should you stop believing!

This is how you create your own reality! You create it with your own thoughts, so you must be very careful of what you THINK...and even what you are scared of... You have to pay attention on how you feel about certain situations... If it doesn't feel good, it may not be good for you! One need to make sure to fall for their own dreams in order to enjoy their journey to their own reality...

What if you feel anxious all the time about a certain situation/ a person/ anything...your whole life? Well, maybe you should take a deep look into your own self and find out if this is what YOU REALLY WANT... Why does it make you worry? Where is that feeling coming from? 

I find it strange, how often we feel guilty about letting things go and how much we can hold on to things / people / circumstances / anything that we FEEL wrong for ourselves! Now I have learnt, if something makes me feel worried, I need to tackle the issue and change it, so I can keep marching towards my dreams! Why do I not chase them? Because I don't think there's any point...I know I will get all when I am ready for them. I have stopped rushing things and started enjoying my journey!

I've figured out I'm not lost, I'm just on my way - yes, I have seen a picture with this saying! 

On the other hand, I've also learnt to adapt! I've started trusting the universe unconditionally and now I let it influence me; I now allow it to guide me in the right direction...through my feelings...my true feelings! Now, I'm brave enough to figure it out why it hurts and what hurts that much and now I stay away from it (or at least I try to grow the distance)

I have also learnt that sometimes holding on makes a bigger damage than letting go. And sometimes you have to give up...and let go of the things / people / feelings/ other people's dreams or their reality...basically, anything that is not good for you

People often get into the habit of not loving each other correctly...They think they want the best for the other person and they think they know what the other person wants but then it turns out that neither of them knows themselves (and each other) well enough... Hence neither would live their own reality...How could they go after their own dreams then?

And why is it important to own the dreams you follow? Otherwise, how would you get them?! If they are NOT yours, you can keep chasing them...you may even catch them...but do you reckon that would make you happy? It would only be the reality that was to hit you and laugh in your face to say, you don't own this, you have no right to have this...Then the whole chase would start all over again! 

Instead of chasing, try following!

Use your heart as the most trustworthy compass and your feelings as the most detailed map, and keep heading towards the right direction...no matter how slow or fast, what really matters is the direction! How do you know it's right? I tell you, you will FEEL IT!

Published by Kati(e) Mesfy