I realized that there are things in life that determine the way we react to certain situations. These things might be people or events, they might be irrelevant or they might be important, but they always find a way to be determining factors in our life. We tend to act differently, than normal towards certain things due to experiences or individuals. Sometimes it might not be different, sometimes it might be the way we should act but it was definitely initiated by something. We might try our hardest to avoid it, we might even go as far as rehearsing our actions but when they are being carried out they are different than we planned, because of something we have seen or heard. Sometimes I ask myself, what would you do if this thing happened to you? and I already have a rehearsed reaction but it always turns out differently, it might be because I have overrehearsed how to act differently from other people but it is mostly because I have seen it happen before or have heard. We catch ourselves being victims of time and repetition, not from lack of trying to be different but because it is the natural reaction or it is the reaction caused by circumstance. Sometimes it is okay because...not all things deserves to be changed.

Published by Anulika Chioma