We continue our look at the drama pilots of 2017 with CBS.  The usually predictable network may actually have a surprise or two for viewers this year.

That said, there are also a couple of projects that would be pretty seamless additions to the networks stable of procedurals.  One possibility is Katie Couric’s show about a Hate Crimes Unit, while there is also a show about a Latino family in law enforcement.  Then there is Wisdom of The Crowd, where the hero uses a crowdsourcing hub to solve crimes while trying to find the person who killed his daughter. 

Another project, S.W.A.T. is based on a movie, which was based on a TV show, and follows a lieutenant who is torn between his loyalty to the streets and his duty to his fellow officers.  Then there is an untitled project focusing on a group of Navy Seals.  Finally, there is Perfect Citizen, telling the story of a lawyer who also happens to be a former counsel for the NSA and an infamous whistleblower.  These are the obvious pickups for CBS. 

One project that is at least a little off brand is The Get, focusing on a group of internet journalists investigating stories of injustice.  CBS has also given the green light to the Alan Cumming vehicle Killer Instinct, following a former CIA operative who is pulled back into his old life.  At first glance this seems like just another CBS procedural, but the pilot review from Season Zero reveals one big difference – the lead character is gay.  This would at least provide CBS with some diversity. 

The big surprise from the network was the pickup of a project from Andy Weir, author of The Martian.  Mission Control follows a team of astronauts and scientists who must juggle their personal and private lives during a critical mission.

There aren’t any major disappointments for me amongst the projects that CBS passed over, but I probably would have picked a different legal show to send to pilot than Perfect Citizen.


Published by Andrew Clendening