Six years ago Celadon candy released their debut ep CC. After a long hiatus the band have returned with their debut full length album. Across the album the band paint a curious soundscape that is chilled out in parts and very dark and confronting in others, with the two overlapping frequently. Great atmospheric vibes are explored along with challenging lyrics and every so often some energetic beats.

‘Irritant’ brings in a dark and unnerving electronic sound. The grave post punk-esq sounds paired with the calm but grave vocals paints a chilling soundscape. ‘Libertines’ brings in a glimmer of light with a cool 80s dance vibe subtly making its way into the mix, giving the song a chilled yet energetic dance feel. ‘Broken’ is an even slower and much darker tune. The confronting lyrics backed with the gritty soundtrack makes you feel like you are out in a dark and dirty alleyway.


‘Undercuter’ is a more upbeat and poppy tune while retaining the laid back ambient vibe. The track takes a curious journey with all sorts of clever scraching and looping topped off by the calm but strong vocals.


The title track is a racing, and active tune, full of scratches, loops, and samples it provides a great roller coaster of a ride with many twists and turns along the way.

‘Socialist’ is a raging track that blasts it’s way along, aided by echoing vocals and dark unnerving tunes. ‘Sweet’ is a catchy electronic tune full of cool beats. There is a rather spacey sci-fi feel to it with the sounds taking you on an intergalactic journey, at the same time it is very tight and energetic making it a great dance-floor tune.
While it’s taken a long time, Celadon Candy have followed up their debut EP with a great full length that takes you away on a deep dark journey that crosses between energetic beats and chilled out vibes!

Check out Celadon Candy’s website to find out more!

Published by Tomatrax