Silber Records have been known for their series of micro EPs containing 5 songs in 5 minutes (indeed there are some new ones out that you’ll get to hear about soon). This latest release from the experimental music record label is almost the exact oposite. Instead of a collection of really short songs, this EP has one very long song, clocking in over 30 minutes.

The EP/song’s title is quite apt in describing what you will hear. Over the 32 minutes there is a calm ambient vibe that slowly drifts along, pretty much sounding like waves flowing about in the middle of the night. The slow dark sounds create an an encapsulating dark atmosphere that transports you off to a deserted beach in the middle of the night. The swaying sounds give the feeling of waves going in and out as you float along through the ocean. On top of this there are quirky sounds coming in and out to create the vivid imagery of strange creatures and other phenomena discovered along the way.

This is ambient music in its most purest form. There are no set tunes or beats, use the various sounds floating in and out like clouds across the sky. This creates a great calming effect in the vein of Good Weather for an Airstrike’s work and is sure to calm the most restless of minds!

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Published by Tomatrax