The next EP in Silber’s 5in5 series comes from Joshua Heinrich’ project Premature Burial. The EP features different soundscapes and textures all covering dark and creepy themes. The collection is a little patchy with the styles jumping from track to track. However each track works well at painting its own scene and all would work well as the soundtrack to any horror movie.

‘Pull a single thread’ is an intense and compact series of industrial droning sounds giving off a bleak and confronting atmosphere. ‘Action’ acts as a massive contrast, instead taking on a slower and calmer sounds with deep dark electronic sounds pattering away. ‘Inaction’ takes things to a more ambient / drone place. The squeaky sounds reminiscent of a set of swings needing a good grease paint a chilling soundscape that would fit right into a Steven King movie. ‘Compromise’ brings in some intense drums to create a creepy kind of energy paired with grungy electronic sounds raging through. The EP closes with the chilling ambient sounds of ‘Divide’.

This is another interest EP that sees great experimentation as musician boundaries are pushed further and further. It is very much an acquired taste, but those that seek spooky and unconventional music will find it here in abundance!

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Published by Tomatrax