Formerly from Aversions Crown, Colin Jeffs created Tongues, a collaboration of 5 friends from across Australia, to produce music that is raw and aggressive. This is the first EP from the group and it well and truly brings out some hard hitting raw aggression!

The EP blasts open with the loud and angry sounds of 'No solace'. With the dials tuned to 11, the band put out a massive ball of raw energy, complemented with some hip-hop esq scratches and rapping for good measure.

'Vermin' keeps the energy going. The combo of the low growing guitar and double bass drum create the massive brutal attacks on the ears, showing no mercy. 'Dead hand' achieves a tighter sound still with all the elements working in harmony to produce a pure headbanging experience. 'Wormfood' takes me back to the late 90s with moden sounding samples, and the yelling and banging from frustration of the connection being lost! The EP closes as angrily as it opened with the intense and heavy sounds of 'Old hate'.

This is a hard hitting EP that crams massive amounts of energy into just over a quarter of an hour. The EP could benefit from some variation in sounds, nevertheless all 5 tracks on offer provide massive raw blasts of metal.

Check out Tongues' Bandcamp page to find out more!

Published by Tomatrax