Philippines, is a place that full of pretty island, awesome food but not that famous within my country - Malaysia. I believe not much of Malaysian been there before for travel or maybe for Singaporean as well? Along the trip I met only most of the tourist from Korea, China, Taiwan or Caucasian/European. Hence, while searching the itinerary is also a little bit of headache as most of the itinerary are from Filipino Travel Blogger and some of the information that we need might missed out!

In this article, I'm going to share with you guys about Cebu and Palawan, two cities that I've been and would love to go back there again!

Cebu, about 3.45 hours flight from Singapore via Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, Scoot or Silk Air (via Davao) or 4.05 hours flight from Kuala Lumpur via Air Asia (straight flight).
What can you basically do in Cebu?
There is Oslob, Moalboal, Badian, Ginatilan and some other places that you can go around in Cebu and basically they are famous with water falls, beaches, caves or hot spring.
What is the most famous things to do in Cebu?
I would say Whale Shark watching and Kawasan Falls canyoneering!
My Itinerary in Cebu.
Basically, we have really short timing to visit Cebu. We have only 2 days in Cebu, can't go much places. So we did 2 major activities in Cebu.
Cebu Airport - Oslob - Malabuyoc - Badian - Cebu City (2 Days)

19th & 20th Sept 2018
We took flight with Air Asia flying to Cebu straight from Singapore at 9.20pm ~ We depart from Terminal 4, the newly open terminal in Changi Airport since Oct 2017. Is all go by automated self check in even passing through immigration! We did some shopping before the flight, reached the gate around 8.45pm and, guess what! Almost all of the passenger already on board, and left last 5 passengers which 2 of them is ME AND MY FRIEND. LOL!

Well, after a few hours flight, we safely landed at Mactan-Cebu International Airport and the immigration pretty smooth. Airport WIFI is free for connection, just key in your name and phone number!
After came out from Arrival Door, we went to SIM card counter to get a SIM! The first counter we approached is SMART prepaid SIM card counter, selling about 500 peso for 17GB. They are really fast and furious! L0L~ Not within a second, we became their customer. *LMAO* and only realize that, the next stall selling more even better deal and is GLOBE! SMART giving us quite poor connection along the trip! Advise from here is, if you are travelling with friends, some of you may take GLOBE or some of you may take SMART. As certain area, SMART might be better than GLOBE. But overall, I heard that GLOBE is better!
We were having some difficulties to locate our driver and the staffs there was really kind enough to help us try to reach the driver! After a long wait for 1.5 hours, finally we got into our van!
We booked this entire tour package from Kawasan Canyoneering which cost us about 8000 peso per person.
Around 5am, we reached Oslob from Cebu Airport. We waited till 6am and start of our first adventure! Whale Shark Watching!


Don't apply any sun-block as its prohibited. They do not want any chemicals into the sea that can harm the cute whale shark. We have only 30 mins for whale shark watching.


After whale shark watching, they sent us to Sumilon Island for snorkeling about 3 hours.
Our driver, Mr Jun brought us to one of the local stall to have our lunch!

Costs us about 185 peso and one bottle of soda drink only cost us like 10 peso!!!Our stay located Malabuyoc, about few hours drive from Oslob. Not too far away.
We stay at Bamboo Beach House. The room is really huge, able to accommodate 6 peoples or more if don't mind squeezing. Very nice view as it's facing the sea.
We were so tired after wake since 19th 4am until 20th 7pm, we knocked off straight after settled everything.

21st Sept


This is the most exciting day ever! We started our day at 7am and drive down to Badian for the canyoneering! If you are a thrill seeker, you will probably love this activities! Before going there, I keep watching those video in Youtube about Cebu Canyoneering, and it look so scary for me. *DAMN*
I got hydrophobia which I wanted to overcome it since years ago. This is a big challenge for myself and I'm so proud that I've conquered this canyoneering! *YEAH* !!!


They fetch us in a motorbike to the place for about 15 mins, and we have to walk about 30 minutes to reach the place.


There will be a few jumps, swim, and hike. Get ready and boost up your stamina! Is a very good exercise!

We had really fun day! Some of you might worried about the safety, just have to be really take care of yourself. Walk carefully, and just enjoy it! You got your life vest and helmet with you!








Head to Cebu city straight which takes about 5 hours?

Had our dinner at Sugbo Mercado night market!


Basically, there is two main places to visit in Palawan which is El Nido and Coron Island.
About 6 hours drive from Puerto Princesa airport to El Nido (click HERE for the transfer) and if you are planning to visit Coron, you can either take a flight or 4 hours fast ferry transfer.
El Nido
Corong-corong is outside of El Nido town area, which takes about 15 minutes ride with a tricycle. Best to stay at El Nido town area actually. You can just walk around there :)
For the tours, there is 4 tours


22nd Sept


Cebu - Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The moment we arrived at PPS airport, those driver will actually wait for you across the road! Is a tip for you to look out for them!

We booked our transport start at 4pm and by the time we reached there is around 10pm ++ The entire journey took about 6 hours drive to El Nido.
We stay at Outpost Beach Hostel.

Doing nothing much on this day, as we used up most of the time in traveling from one place to another.

23rd Sept


We booked Tour A from KLOOK which managed by Ellen's Travel, which they also called as Jhannah's Inn.

We took a tricycle from our hostel to El Nido town which takes about 15 mins and cost us 100 peso.

If you booked Tour A, please be reminder that the extra fee that you need to pay will be:-
El Nido Eco-Tourism Development Fee (ETDF) - 200 peso per person
Aqua Shoes - 100 peso person
Kayaking - 400 peso for 2 person (2 times, use in small lagoon and big lagoon)

A group of good friends to be meant to meet along the trip ❤

24th Sept

This is the day that we plan to just chill at the place and rest.

25th Sept

Last day in Palawan! Definitely miss it so much :)
There is some souvenirs shop in Puerto Princesa airport, however, the price is not really cheap. Best to get something in town area! :)
Puerto Princesa - Cebu - Singapore.

Cebu is so fun with canyoneering, while the whale shark is pretty good experience where you are able to see them to swim around you. To be honest, island in Palawan is nice but for the underworld water is not that impressive as compared to some other that I've been to :) ... However, the water is crystal clear, aqua blue type. I'm impressed with their clean water! I can't wait for my next visit back to Philippines! ! Comment below and share with me your experience too!

Below are the summary of my expenses in Cebu and Palawan.

(in SGD)

Flight: $251.50/pax
Cebu Tour: $225/pax (8000 peso per pax)
El Nido Tour: $23.80/pax (Click HERE  to book!)
Accommodation: $132.90/pax
Transportation: $39/pax, $12.50/pax
$25 (tricycle/taxi) - El Nido transfer click HERE to book! 
Others: Changed for 400SGD per pax

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